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UV Viewing Cabinets



Mini Cabinet
An economic solution to laboratory inspection of fluorescent samples. Compact, lightweight, versatile and efficient, the GC6 is designed 
to house one hand-held UV lamp. In three optional wavelengths: 254, 312, 365nm or a combination of. 

The cabinet is supplied without lamps, allowing a choice of different lighting combinations. Strong, lightweight, thermoformed ABS 
cabinet with black curtain. Viewing port with UV absorption filter. One port designed to house up to a 6 Watt lamp. Size of base: 255 
x 210 mm. Size of front (curtained) opening: 225 x 130 mm high



ULT4018 GC6 Minicabinet

Professional Cabinet



Professional unit for effective viewing with power intensity unequalled in this field. For reading chromatograms, (paper or TLC). For 
fluorescent analysis in chemistry, biology, forensics, geology and mineralogy. The 365nm is also used for industrial and electronic 
quality control.

Incorporates 4 x 15 Watt UV tubes plus one 40 Watt white light bulb and offers any combination of UV wavelengths - 254, 312 and 
365nm - simultaneous, individual or combined. Easy to operate - a control switch for each wavelength. Dimensions 228 x 300 x 
165mm (W x L x H)



ULT4080 Cabinet with 4x15W tubes 365nm

ULT4082 Cabinet with 4x15W tubes 254nm

ULT4084 Cabinet with 2x15W tubes 365nm and 2x15W tubes 312nm

ULT4086 Cabinet with 2x15W tubes 312nm and 2x15W tubes 254nm

ULT4088 Cabinet with 2x15W tubes 254nm and 2x15W tubes 365nm

UV Face Shield




Complies with International Standards


Wide vision one piece lens


Specially formulated to block all UV


Eliminates ”blue haze” at short wavelengths 




SAF1210 UVC803 Face Shield