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Miele PG8527 Washer Disinfector



The PG 8527 is a front loading bottom hinged washer-disinfector which allows large quantities of instruments to be processed.  PerfectTouch 
Controls are simple to use and easy to clean and the machine can wash 15 DIN mesh trays, 7 AN sets or 3 MIC sets per cycle. 

Key features and benefits include:


16 standard cleaning and disinfection programmes, can store a further 31 client-specific programmes


Constant monitoring of conductivity


Spray arm sensing to prevent blockages during the cycle


Class H 13 HEPA filter to ensure high level of air purity in the cabinet and excellent drying performance


2 powerful circulation pumps


Triple filtration with large surface filter, coarse filter and micro-fine filter


Filter in inlet hoses


Flowmeter to monitor water intake quantities


1 dump valve 




WAS7050 Miele PG8527 Washer-Disinfector





WAS7052 E941 Mobile Unit

WAT7051 E942/2 Injector Module

WAS7053 E943/1 Injector Module

WAT7052 E944/1 Injector Module

WAS7054 E945/1 Modules

WAT7053 E947/1 Injector Modules

WAS7055 E940 Mobule Unit

WAT7054 E950/1 Mobile Unit

WAS7056 E957 Mobile Unit

WAT7055 E975/1 Mobile Injector unit

WAS7057 E935/1 Mobile Injector Unit

WAT7056 E900-4/1 Mobile Injector Unit

WAS7058 E900-5/1 Mobile Injector Unit

WAT7057 E969 Insert

WAS7059 A19 Lid

WAT7058 E960/1 Insert Half

WAS7060 E963 Insert Half

WAT7059 E965 Insert Half

WAS7061 A9/1 Insert

WAT7060 A6 Cover Net