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Upper and Lower Basket Combinations


O 188 Upper Basket


For various inserts


Open front


For use with U 874 in all undercounter models


Includes built in spray arm


165mm clearance to top of chamber, +/- 20mm allowable adjustment


Basket dimensions: 215mm x 531mm x 475mm (HxWxD)

U 874 lower basket


For various inserts


For use with O 188 in all undercounter models


Basket dimensions: 50mm x 534mm x 515mm (H x W x D)


Clearance with upper baskets: O 188 approx. 270mm +/- 20mm


O 190 approx. 220mm +/- 20mm


O 175 approx. 214mm +/- 20mm


O 184 approx. 205mm +/- 20mm

O 175 upper injector basket


Injector unit for narrow-necked laboratory glassware


170mm clearance to top of chamber


Basket dimensions: 250mm (412mm with drying unit) x 531mm x 475mm (H x W x D)


34 injectors with retaining clips


Connection to drying unit


For use in G 7883 CD and G 7835

U 175 lower injector basket


Injector unit for narrow-necked laboratory glassware


Clearance when using the following upper baskets: O 175 approx. 170mm O 187mm approx. 170mm


33 injectors with retaining clips


Only to be used with O 175 or O 187 



WAS6040 O 188 upper basket

WAS6050 U 874 lower basket

WAS6046 O 175 upper injector basket

WAS6052 U 175 lower injector basket