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Lancer Laboratory Washing Machines


Lancer has 40 years of technological leadership in the lab glassware cleaning market. Lancer offers superior cleaning solutions for laboratory glassware. Many procedures and practices are 
shared by facilities in the research and development, QA/QC, academic, governmental and private laboratory sectors. Clean equipment and glassware is a critical requirement as contamination 
could alter the results of data and testing. 

All Lancer washers feature these key benefits:


Fast cycles and outstanding results from powerful wash action and design


Easy to use microprocessor controls with self-diagnostic software and alarms


Flexibility of multi-level injection washing and interchangeable racks


All sizes and types of glassware cleaned with chamber configuration choices


Ergonomic and safe loading of racks on load bearing telescopic runners


Choice of preset and user-customised (PIN code protected) programs


Accurate and repeated intake of cleaning chemicals by automatic peristaltic dosing pumps


Robust high grade 304 and 316L stainless steel construction


IQ/OQ protocol and validation options available


Cost effective - low life cycle costs and efficient operation uses less resources and inventory


Eco-friendly low energy, chemicals and water usage


Common rack systems across 810-1300 LX and 1800 LXA models enabling economic upgrade/expansion

Model 810, 815 and 820 LX Underbench Washers



810 LX Underbench Washer 

Key Features:


Efficient direct injection cleaning 


Ideal for minimum space or budget


Flexibility with two independent wash levels and interchangeable racks 


Economical and accurate dosing by two peristaltic pumps


High grade stainless steel clad all round 

815LX Underbench Washer
The underbench 815 LX offers the same features as the 810LX but with the inclusion of hot air chamber drying for a faster 

820 LX Underbench Washer Dryer
The underbench 820 LX washer dryer has the same chamber size as the 810/815 but is 300mm wider externally with a built-in 
drawer for the safe storage and input of chemicals.  More importantly it has powerful forced hot air drying through the injectors 
and chamber to ensure complete and rapid drying of glassware both inside and out.

Key Features:


Powerful and rapid drying through injectors as well as chamber


Fast turnaround avoids waiting for glassware


Increased safety with on-board storage and input of chemicals


Economical and accurate dosing by two peristaltic pumps 



WAS2010 Lancer Model 810LX Underbench washer 

WAS2015 Lancer Model 815LX Underbench washer 

WAS2020 Lancer Model 820LX Underbench washer