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Fistreem Water Stills Calypso Series



Available with 2 and 4 litre outputs that can be bench or wall mounted.  The patented 
‘cyclonic’ vapour trap, guarantees the very highest quality pyrogen free water. It can be 
connected directly to the mains tap, or where preferred, from pre-heated water supply using 
the optional ‘feed kit’. The Calypso is supplied with a level sensor, which automatically shuts 
off power and water input whenever the reservoir is full.  An optional 30 litre storage tank 
with air filter and fast flow tap is available.                 


Water pH 5.6-6.0


Conductivity 1 µs cm


Power rating 1.8kW (2 litre) 3.0kW (4 litre)


Max-min water pressure 70-560kPa 10-80 lbf in-


Min water pressure (pre-treated) 15kPa 2 lbf in-


Tap water flow (min) 0.5L (2L) 1L (4L)


Dimensions H x W x D 790 x 260 x 325mm 



WAT2132 2L hour Calypso Still

WAT2136 4L hour Calypso Still

WAT2140 30L storage reservoir

WAT2142 Pre-treat feed accessory kit

Fistreem Water Stills Cyclon Series



The Cyclon series is available in 4 and 8L single distilled, or a 4L double distilled, version. A 
matching pre-deioniser and distillate reservoir can be added for those requiring a complete 
water purification system. The double distilled version comprises of two identical sets of 
glassware and heaters, with the first distillation feeding directly into the second boiler unit. 
This enables the very highest water quality to be achieved.


Microprocessors and thermistor sensors provide precise control


Vertical boiler configuration reduces stress on heating elements and reduces scale build 


Electronic float switch automatically shuts off the stills when reservoir is full


The patented ‘Cyclonic’ vapour trap eleminates carry over producing pyrogen free water


Descaling is simplified by an automatic clean facility


Can be used with pre-heated water from users own source or be connected to Cyclon 
deioniser if required


Water pH value 5.6-6.0


Conductivity 1 µs cm (single distilled) <1 µs cm (double distilled)


Power rating 3kW (4L single) 6kW (4L double, 8L single)


Tap water pressure (min-max) 70-560kPa 10-80 lbf in


Tap water flow 1L min (4L single) 2L min (4L double, 8L single)


Dimensions HxWxD 750 x 300 x 380mm 



WAT2148 4L hour Cyclon Still

WAT2152 8L hour Cyclon Still

WAT2156 4L hour double Cyclon Still

WAT2160 30L Storage  Reservoir

WAT2162 Pre deioniser including cartridge

WAT2146 Spare deioniser cartridge

WAT2108 Resin charges for deioniser 2 x 7L packs