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Hach DR3900 VIS Spectral Photometer



The Hach DR3900 VIS Spectral Photometer with RFID technology delivers comprehensive reliable water analysis results at 
every stage of the water analysis process.

Key features and benefits include:


Traceability right from the start - RFID technology allows you to trace your samples back to the sample location with sample 
location, sample taker, date and time can all being saved on an RFID tag on the sample bottle for later scanning and 
transfer back to the instrument.


Prevent measurement errors - The 2D barcode on reagents stores batch number and expiry date details with automatic for 
expired reagents and discrepancies in the C:N:P ratio


Real-time communication between laboratory and process analysis - The LINK2SC connection guarantees that analysis is 
transparent, facilitating direct comparison between laboratory and process results. 


Quality assurance with AQA+ - QA procedures are  easily defined and documented within the instrument and batch 
certificates (for the purpose of GMP/GLP results documentation) can be found on the RFID* tag on the cuvette box.


Data transfer is bi-directional via Ethernet or a USB stick 



WAT3800 Hach DR3900 VIS Spectral Photometer With RFID Technology

WAT3802 RFID Set

WAT3804 SIP 10 Tube Kit Lagoprene and Tygon

WAT3806 Ethernet Cable 2M

WAT3808 USB Memory Stick For DR3900

WAT3810 PD24 Thermal Printer For DR3900

Hach Lange POCKET Colorimeter II Mini Meters




More than 30 flexible, single parameter instruments


Easy operation


Small enough for almost any pocket


Reliable results without a mains  connection


Rugged construction yet lightweight

Now better than ever for field-testing - Each POCKET Colorimeter II is programmed for one or two parameters. It is 
pocket sized and together with the practical HACH tests, gives reliable results anywhere, even under the most difficult 
conditions. The tried and tested colorimeters have been enhanced to make them even more convenient to use, and now 
offers an ideal combination of robust technology and intuitive handling.



Simple: all functions are available via only four keys


Power: battery operation for a maximum of 2,00 tests


Clear readings: even under difficult conditions, thanks to lighting and large figures on the display


Waterproof to IP 67: for watertight results!

Other parameters available please ask for details 


Meter Parameter

Measuring Range



WAT3666 Chlorine (free and total)