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Ecosafe Fume Hoods


Why Should I Choose an Ecosafe Labopur® Enclosure with Recirculating Air Filtration?
Using their wide experience with safety cabinets and storage of dangerous products, ECOSAFE have designed a range of fume hoods that meet the demanding standards of any laboratory. 
Made in the EU to the rigorous standards set out in the European standard – ( ISO 9001)2008.

Key Features
User's optimal protection:
Ecosafe fume hoods have been approved within the standard NF X.15-211 by an 
independent laboratory


Vapours are confined in the manipulation enclosure after being eliminated through the 
molecular filter


Front sampling outlet allows you fast and reliable control of the filter saturation


Visible LED in the operating panel is lit when the filter is operating effectively


Retention tank integrated under the work-top allows for easy retrieval of any spilt liquids

Save time and energy:


Our hoods are delivered ready to use (no assembly required). All you have to do is to plug 
them into your power supply


No connecting evacuation, no civil engineering needed (if the hood is fitted with a filter)


It is not necessary to heat or cool the air within the workroom

Comfort of use:


The transparent wall sides of the fume hood offer optimum lighting of the work-top


The ergonomic hand traps allow for easy movement of your hands within the workspace


Protective caps allow you to insert power cables into the fume hood


Silent fan within our hoods allow a higher concentration for your work


Easy replacement of filter units. Can be completed in a few minutes

Technical Data


15/10th steel construction


White epoxy painting RAL 9010 with high resistance against chemicals


Polycarbonate glazed walls


hand traps


retention tank

Tempered glass

work-top (option)









 H200 + TR20 + CORG201

Easy remplacement

of the filter

HEPA filter and

filter frame (option)