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Ecosafe Fume Hoods

Standard Equipment

Indicates the time your cabinet has been used. After 60 hours use, it emits an audible 
signal inviting the operator to check the saturation level of the active charcoal filter unit.

Air Velometer
According to the French standard NF X 15-211, Ecosafe Fume hoods are supplied with an 
air velometer. This allows you to check the velocity of the air within the facade and verify 
that the fume hood is working effectively.

Sampling Outlet
Front sampling outlet allows for easy checking of saturation levels using the Ecosafe manual 
pump and reactive tubes (sold separately)

Absorbed Products Booklet
Following the standard NF X 15-211, all Ecosafe fume  hoods are Supplied with a CD-Rom 
information guide regarding the absorption capacity of the active coal filter in relation to 
various chemicals that can be used.

Protective Caps
All cabinets are equipped with protective caps allowing easy access for power cables or gas 

Retention Tank
All cabinets are equipped with a retention tank under the worksurface. This enables for easy 
retrieval/cleaning of any spilt liquids.

Transparent Walls
All fume hoods are designed with 4 transparent walls offering you a well lit work surface.

H.P.L. Worktop
A work-top is supplied with every fume hood. Manufactured in H.P.L., it offers an excellent 
resistance to chemical attacks. A tempered glass work top is optional.

Optional Accessories

Active Charcoal Filters
In order to offer the best guarantees, the quality of filters absorption are  tested and 
approved by an independent laboratory. Every active charcoal filter is provided with a 
double anti-dust filter to ensure optimal filtration quality. Ecosafe offer 2 filter types: One 
dedicated to organic vapours and one "Universal" for corrosive and organic vapours.
We are able to offer you specialized filters for use with Formaldehyde.
Do not hesitate to contact SLS for any specific request.
The latest generation "CORG" filter absorbs a large majority of chemicals commonly used in 
laboratories: organic and inorganic acids, solvents and organics. 

LabopurĀ® Trolley
Equipped with a removable shelf, the Labopur trolley enables you to free up valuable 
worksurface space in your laboratory and enables for easy movement of your fume cabinet.

LabopurĀ® Table/Trolley Cabinet
This trolley/cabinet enables you to store your chemicals directly underneath your fume 
cabinet and allows for easy movement within your laboratory.

Filter Alarm
The optional electronic Filter alarm gives you added peace of mind by emitting an audible 
signal should the air velocity drop to below a specified level. 

Tempered Glass Worktop
Offers superior chemical resistance to the standard HPL worktop which is supplied.

Manual Pump and Reactive Tubes
Check your active coal filter saturation easily thanks to the manual pump and reactive 
tubes. We offer you a wide range of reactive tubes, please ask SLS for details!

Lighting is available for all sized cabinets.