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Jeiotech Plant Growth Chambers GC Series



Jeiotech PGC GC series offers varying capacities, up to 1000 L for all your plant growth needs. The streamlined design of 
the cabinet optimises air flow and temperature uniformity within the cabinet, whilst a user-friendly interface allows easy 
programming and operation.


Operating temperature: 5° to 50° (lamp off)/ 10° to 50° (lamp on)


Max. to 35,000 Lux for GC-1000TLH


Max. to 20,000 Lux for GC-300 series


50 to 90% RH (only for TLH series)


300 to 5,000 ppm CO


 control (optional)


Microprocess PID control/ Auto-tuning/ Calibration


Digital timer: 1 min to 99 hr 59 min


Over-temperature limiter/ Door opening alarm


10 steps of temperature, humidity, and illumination profiles programmable and repeat up to 999 cycles (self-testing)


High quality 304 stainless steel interior and dirt-repellent power coated exterior


User-friendly door system 
- External door with magnetic sealing for dual airtight


Powerful air circulator for exclusive air-flow 
- One propeller for GC-1000TLH/ A tangent blower and a sirocco fan for GC-300 series


High frequency electronic ballast lamps 
- Reinforced Blue and Red spectrums lighting system for plant photosynthesis 
- Designed to be exhaust the heat through the upper holes (only for GC-1000TLH)


Easy cleaning of condenser air-filter


Casters for easy transport and installation


Electronic humidity sensor supports easy calibration and fast reaction


Dual type water level sensor/ Adjustable water tank positions (only for GC-300TLH)


Separable shelf and rounded inner chamber corners for easy cleaning


Leakage breaker for power supply


Overheat protection


Switch-off after alarm for over heating


Water empty (TLH models only)


Door opening alarm


Fluctuation at 25°C - 0.1


Variation at 25°C - 0.8



Chamber volume L

Chamber Dimensions mm

CHA3000 Jeiotech 300L Plant Growth Chamber Temperature & Light Only300

510x540x1100 mm

CHA3002 Jeiotech 300L Plant Growth Chamber Temperature Humidity 

& Light


510x540x1100 mm

CHA3004 Jeiotech 1000L Plant Growth Chamber Temperature Humidity 

& Light


1200x800x1080 mm




CHA3014 Wire shelf for 1000L Plant Growth Cabinet

CHA3012 Wire shelf for 300L Plant Growth Cabinet

CHA3010 Perforated shelf for 1000L Plant Growth Cabinet

CHA3008 Perforated shelf for 300L Plant Growth Cabinet

CHA3006 6 Point Data Recorder Including Humidity Monitor