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UV Sterilisation Cabinets



These UV Sterilisation Cabinets provide a convenient area for setting up PCR reactions in a nucleic acid free environment thus 
limiting PCR reaction contamination.

Acting effectively as a low cost alternative to a clean room, the powerful UV lights on the cabinets denature nucleic acids in 5 to 30 
minutes making them unsuitable for amplification. The cabinet incorporates safety features to prevent user exposure to UV light.
The UV lights themselves are timer controlled and there are safety switches on the cabinets doors which turn off the UV lights when 

The cabinets also act as an efficient shield of beta radioactive emissions and can therefore be safely used with isotopes such as 32P.
White light provides excellent visibility when working within the cabinets. 

For use with trays of size 68 x 54cm, with the benefits comparable to those offered by the Maxi, the new Mini UV Cabinet is the 
perfect solution for laboratories constrained by space and budget. A reduced height and footprint allows the Mini UV Cabinet to fit 
snugly and conveniently into those small areas within the laboratory that would otherwise remain unused


Inactivates nucleic acids in 5 to 30 minutes


Doors fitted with safety switches


Complete with four powerful, timer controlled UV bulbs


Efficient decontamination of the complete work surface


Suitable for work with 32P



UV Lights, W

White Light, W

Dimensions, HxWxD, mm

CAB3080 Maxi UV Sterilisation cabinet with Timer

4 x 15 


770 x 560 x 420

CAB3082 Mini UV Sterilisation cabinet with Timer

4 x 15 


510 x 560 x 350

CAB3084 Replacement UV tube for cabinets

CAB3086 Replacement White light tube for cabinets

CAB3088 General purpose tray white 68 x 54cm

CAB3090 Radiation tray yellow 68 x 54cm

CAB3092 Liners - 68 x 54cm (pack of 25)

SLS Lab Basics Micro Centrifuge 8 Place



The SLS Lab Basics Personal centrifuge is small enough to virtually fit in the palm of your hand. Ideal for quick spin downs of 
microtubes and PCR tubes it is extremely easy to use. Simply close the lid and the rotor instantly reaches 6,000 rpm. Open the 
lid, and the rotor quickly decelerates to a stop for removing your samples.

An increased capacity, eight-position microtube rotor is included and comes installed. Also included is a second rotor for 0.2ml 
PCR tubes and strips which is stored (together with the rotor removal key) in a convenient compartment on the bottom of the 
centrifuge. When the rotor is not in use, storage in this compartment prevents loss or misplacement of the rotor.


Storage compartment for PCR rotor


Near silent operation


Starts and stops in seconds


Conserves valuable bench space


Capacity - 8 x 1.5/2.0ml tubes, 16 x 0.2mL tubes or 2 x PCR Strips


Dimensions (wxdxh)11.4 x 15 x 11.4 cm



SLS4500 Personal Centrifuge