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ULTRA-TURRAX Tube Drive Control System



A patented and unique single use dispersing system which incorporates hermetically sealed disposable sample tubes, the ULTRA-
TURRAX Tube Drive control system is ideal for use with infectious materials and toxic or high odour substances. 

Key features include:


Each drive unit can be used to grind, disperse or mix


Hermetically sealed disposable sample tubes eliminates cross contamination risk


Can be used individually or as a series


Adjustable speed range between 300 and 6,000 rpm in 10 rpm steps


Can accommodate 20ml and 50ml tubes and sample volumes from 2- 50ml


USB interface for control and documentation 


Simple and precise menu navigation thanks to the OLED display 


Programmable sample conditions (library) 


Adjustable reverse operation


Turbo-button for short time intensive mixing, homogenizing or grinding 


Gamma-sterilized tubes and tubes with pierceable membrane covers are available 

Rating Input

Rating Output

Speed range (infinitely adjustable) Timer

Dimensions mm (WxDxH)




400-800 RPM

1-59 sec (upto 6,000rpm) or 1-29 
min (upto 4,000rpm)

122 x 178 x 54




MIL2200 ULTRA-TURRAX Tube Drive control

MIL2198 ULTRA-TURRAX Tube Drive Control workstation including 1 x Tube Drive Control, 1 x ST-20 tube with stirring device, 1 x DT-20 tube with rotor stator element, 2 x BTM-20G/S tube for 

grinding with glass balls or stainless steel balls,  1 x removal hook for rotor-stator unit, 1 x power supply