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Integra Biosciences Media Preparator MediaClave



The MEDIACLAVE range allows the rapid and gentle sterilisation of 1-30 L culture medium. Precise controlling and monitoring of process 
parameters during the sterilisation process guarantee media of constant high quality. The intuitive multilingual user interface and the simple 
programming make it very easy, even for untrained users, to operate the MEDIACLAVE.
Media preparation by the MEDIACLAVE is very easy. The culture medium can be dissolved directly within the instrument. Automatic self checks 
and several independent monitoring systems for pressure and temperature guarantee highest operational safety.
 The MEDIACLAVE can be conveniently connected to the INTEGRA Biosciences MEDIAJET, allowing the automated and continuous dispensing 
of media into Petri dishes at the touch of a button.


Flow heater system for fast and gentle media preparation.


Powerful bidirectional stirrer to guarantee homogeneous media.


Controlled deaeration to guarantee complete sterilisation.


In place sterilisation of the dispense port to ensure sterility of the dispensed media. 


Indication of service intervals to avoid unscheduled downtime.


Intuitive multilingual user interface for easy and convenient use.


TÜV certified for compliance to international safety standards.


Integrated web server for online documentation of the process.


Electronically signed log files according to FDA and EU guidelines. 



I136020 MediaClave 10, 200-240V, 50/60Hz, Printer - 10 L Media Preparator complete with cuvette, lid seal, magnetic stirrer, 

decanting tubing, fitting for dispensing tubing, integrated printer and printer splash guard

I136025 MediaClave 10, 200-240V, 50/60Hz, - 10 L Media Preparator complete with cuvette, lid seal, magnetic stirrer, decanting 

tubing and fitting for dispensing tubing

I136055 MediaClave 30, 3x400V, 50/60Hz (EU), Printer - 30 Litres Media Preparator complete with cuvette, lid seal, magnetic stirrer, 

decanting tubing, fitting for dispensing tubing, integrated printer and printer splash guard





I136030 Stainless Steel Cuvette MEDIACLAVE 10, for medium sterilisation

I136070 Autoclave Kit MEDIACLAVE 10, for autoclaving/thermostatting liquids in containers, including 

autoclave cuvette, stainless steel with gird insert and flexible temperature probe

I132130 Magnetic Stirrer Bar MEDIACLAVE 10 - for homogeneous medium mixing within the cuvette

I136034 Decanting Tubing MEDIACLAVE 10 complete - for insertion into the sterilisation chamber/

cuvette for dispensing, including silicone tubing with stainless steel nozzle and securing nut

I136035 Fitting for dispensing tubing - for connecting tubing (inner diameter 6mm) to dispense port, 

including stainless steel dispense port fitting and spring

I136040 Printer splash guard - for protecting the integrated printer from splashes

I136247 Injection lid - for sterile injection of supplements through the adding port, including cap, 

punched disc and septum membrane (silicone/PTFE)

I136049 Tubing connector for adding port - for adding large volumes of supplements through the 

adding port using a silicone tubing (inner diameter 6mm)

I136064 Pressure Dispensing Kit - for direct pressure dispensing, including pinch valve box, foot switch, 

silicone tubing and stainless steel dispensing tube

I171046 Dispensing Tube - for pressure dispensing, length 10cm, stainless steel

I143200 Foot Switch with connecting cable - for pressure dispensing, to trigger the pinch clamp

I136060 Stainless Steel Cuvette MEDIACLAVE 30 - for medium sterilisation, including stainless steel 

guide tube (length 311mm) for temperature probe

I136075 Magnetic stirrer bar with paddle, for MEDIACLAVE 30 or homogeneous stirring of high viscosity 

Agar media within MEDIACLAVE 10

I136061 Decanting tubing MEDIACLAVE 30 for insertion into the sterilization chamber/cuvette for 

dispensing,  incl. rigid stainless steel tube (length 613 mm), silicone tubing and securing nut

I136565 Volume measuring stick MEDIACLAVE 30, for convenient medium volume measurement in 

the cuvette

I136065 Double temperature probe MEDIACLAVE 10/30, flexible (PT1000 for MEDIACLAVE / PT100 

for external)










I136038 Paper Rolls for Integrated Printer PK10

I136901 Ink Ribbon for Integrated Printer Each

I136047 Septum Membrane - for Injection 

Lid, Silicone/PFTE, Self-Resealing


I171036 Silicone Tubing - for pressure 

dispensing, length 25m (bulk roll), 
inner diameter 6mm, autoclavable