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Integra Biosciences Plate Pourer Mediajet



The MEDIAJET media filling system offers the unique flexibility to fill Petri dishes of various sizes or with two compartments as well 
as test tubes of various diameters and length. 
Incorporating a new mechanical dish guidance system, the MEDIAJET is the first system to provide truly reliable, walk-away 
operation. Operational downtime and media loss due to 'dish jams' resulting from variations in the diameter, shape and rim profile 
of the disposable plastic Petri dishes are completely eliminated. In only five minutes, the MEDIAJET vario device version can be 
converted from filling Ø 90 mm dishes to fill Ø 60 mm dishes or Ø 35 mm dishes. Furthermore, the MEDIAJET includes a shaker 
mode for facilitating time-consuming pour plate applications.
The unique TUBEFILLER option is the perfect expansion to the functionality of MEDIAJET, as it allows the conversion into a test tube 
filler in just a minute. 


Fast Petri dish processing for filling up to 900 plates per hour.


Easy conversion at the user level allows the processing of various dish sizes and dish heights.


Biplate option for filling two-compartment Petri dishes with different media.


Shaker mode for pour plate applications.


TUBEFILLER option for the automated filling of up to 1000 test tubes in one hour. 



I103005 MEDIAJET standard dish filler, base unit only

I103006 MEDIAJET standard dish filler with cooling option, base unit only

I113000 MEDIAJET 360 with peristaltic pump and carrousel for 360 Petri dishes, incl. 1 tubing set (6x9mm) with filling 


I113001 MEDIAJET 540 with peristaltic pump and carrousel for 540 Petri dishes, incl. 1 tubing set (6x9mm) with filling 


I113002 MEDIAJET Vario with biplate and cooling option, base unit only (for ø 35,60 or 90mm Petri Dishes) Requires rotor, 

carousel and conversion set

I103035 Tubing set for Turbo mode, including filling nozzle for Ø90mm Petri dishes and tubing for double head 

configuration (6mm ID) - length 2.0 m

I103036 Turbo mode kit for accelerating the filling rate of Ø 90mm Petri dishes, including extension pump head for double 

pump head configuration and tubing set for

I103010 Tubefiller Option for Mediajet

Carousels and Rotors


An optional inkjet printer is available. Please enquire with your nearest branch to discuss the correct system for your needs



I103020 Carousel for Ø90mm Petri dishes,capacity of 360 

I103021 Carousel for Ø90mm Petri dishes, capacity of 540 

I113022 Carousel for large Ø90Lmm Petri dishes, capacity of 360 (for MJ vario only)

I113020 Carrousel for Ø60mm Petri dishes, capacity of 360 (for MJ vario only)

I113021 Carousel for Ø35mm Petri dishes, capacity of 360 (for MJ vario only)

I103271 Rotor for Ø90mm Petri dishes 

I103272 Rotorfor Ø90Smm Petri dishes

I113460 Rotor for Ø90Lmm Petri dishes (for MJ vario only)

I113271 Rotor for Ø60mm Petri dishes (for MJ vario only)

I113272 Rotor for Ø35mm Petri dishes (for MJ vario only)

I113806 Rotor for Ø90mm biplate Petri dishes (for MEDIAJET vario with biplate option only)