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Mikura Autura 500 Microplate Filler



The Autura 500 is filler for 96 and 384 well microplates  and designed to achieve fast and reliable microplate filling with high 
precision and repeatability, whilst allowing flexibility to accommodate various custom requirements.
The unit can be configured to fill deep well and thermo cycling bottom plates.



Accurate dispensing using a precision peristaltic pump


Aerosol protection cover as standard


Open construction for easy integration with robotic systems


Up to 25 user programmable protocols


Optional liquid level sensing in reservoirs with audible and visual warning system


Reagent recovery feature eliminates any wastage of reagents


Works with any reagent reservoir supplied by the user


Up to two reagent pumps can be used to fill the plates simultaneously or subsequently


Incubation period between the filling is adjustable by the user


Easy to clean and maintain - reagent tubing replacement in seconds


RS232 port ensures computer connectivity and robotic integration


USB port for remote computer interface


8 individual reagent channels



MIC5138 8 channel fill (96 well plates)

MIC5140 12 channel fill (96 well plates)






Mikura 200 Series Washer



The 200 Series Washer is easy to use and allows the  user to choose to process the plate either in its storage position - on top of the 
pump unit or down on the labtop surface.



Compact modular format 


Accurate dispensing and low residual volumes 


Adjustable dispense pressure 


Adjustable aspirate force (optional) 


Filtered pump inlet and silenced outlet 


Fully autoclavable, metal free fluid path 


Colour coding for easy maintenance and system modularity  and easy to clean  


8 or 12 way wash heads, optional aspirate probes and fill manifolds 


Optional wash head with angled tips for washing Allergen discs 


12V DC remote power supply 

Technical Specifications

Dispense reservoir

 2L bottle

Waste reservoir

2L bottle

Dimensions, with reservoirs (WxDxH)

250 x 300 x 250mm



MIC5100 8 channel washer complete

MIC5102 12 channel washer complete

MIC5104 8 way manifold + carrier and tubing

MIC5106 12 way manifold + carrier and tubing

MIC5108 8 way manifold + carrier and reservoir kit

MIC5110 12 way manifold + carrier and reservoir kit

MIC5112 8 way manifold

MIC5114 12 way manifold