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Motic BA310 Series



The BA310 for use in Universities, Clinics, Laboratories, and any other life science or medical application. Using Motic's Color Corrected Infinity Optics (CCIS®) with EF-N Plan Achromats, 
this model's full Koehler configuration provides maximum illumination quality for even the most demanding samples. The BA310 is also upgradeable to include additional contrast methods 
and discussion devices.

The  New BA310Elite model introduces a rackless stage concept , an extended travel range of 80x55mm and a new, new specimen holder that allows a large throughput of samples. 
Lighting options are easily interchangeable with a 6V/30W Halogen bulb and LED modules of different colour temperatures (4500K, 6000K), accepted by the Halogen lamp socket. 




BA310 Model


Binocular or Trinocular head Siedentopf type, 30° inclined, 360°swievelling, 360° 
rotating; Widefield high eye point eyepieces N-WF10X/20mm with diopter adjustment 
on both eyepieces; Reversed quintuple revolving nosepiece; CCIS EF-N Plan Achromatic 
objectives EF-N PL 4X, 10X, 40X S, 100X S-oil; Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system 
with tension adjustment; Built in low position coaxial mechanical stage (right-hand 
control); Focusable Abbe condenser N.A. 0.90/1.25 with iris diaphragm and slot; Quartz 
halogen 6V/30W or 3W LED illumination with intensity control; Universal power supply 
100-240V (CE);45mm blue filter; Immersion oil (5ml); Power cord; Allen key; Thumb 
screw; Vinyl dust cover. Includes a Built-in Digital unit with the same specifications as the 
BA310 Binocular but with a Built-in digital camera CMOS 1/2"" chip, 3MP (2048x1536 
pixels) with USB2.0 output and Motic Images Plus 2.0 for PC and MAC.

BA310 ELITE Model


As BA310 but with CCIS EC Plan Achromatic objectives EC PL 4X, 10X, 40X S, 100X 
S-oil; Built in low position coaxial Rackless mechanical stage (right-hand control) with 
improved stage size (180x170mm); Quartz halogen 6V/30W and 3W LED illumination 
Full interchangeable on the same unit. (No Built-in Digital unit available)



MIC2930 Motic BA310 Binocular

MIC2932 Motic BA310 Binocular LED

MIC2934 Motic BA310  Trinocular 

MIC2936 Motic BA310 Trinocular LED

MIC2938 Motic BA310 Digital (with built in camera)

MIC2942 Motic BA310 CCIS Plan Phase Achromatic objective 10X/0.25 

(WD=4.3mm) for phase 110 turret condenser

MIC2935 Motic BA310 Elite Binocular

MIC2937 Motic BA310 Elite Trinocular

MIC2960 Motic BA310 Epi-LED Fluorescence attachment with standard Auramine 

O filter cube, 455nm LED module (only for Elite modules)

MIC2961 Motic BA310 Epi-LED Fluorescence attachment with standard FITC filter 

cube, 470nm LED module (only for Elite models)

MIC2962 Motic BA310 Epi-LED Fluorescence attachment with standard MB filter 

cube, 470nm LED module (only for Elite models)

Accessories & Spares



MIC2910 CCIS Plan Achromatic Phase objective EC-H PL Ph 10X/0.25 


MIC2912 CCIS Plan Achromatic Phase objective EC-H PL Ph 40X/0.65/S 


MIC2940 Phase contrast 5 position (BF, PH10X, PH20X, PH40X, PH100X) turret  

condenser (to be used with Plan Phase objectives)

MIC2944 CCIS Plan Achromatic Phase  objective EC-H PL Ph 20X/0.45 


MIC2946 CCIS Plan Phase Achromatic objective 40X/0.65/S (WD=0.4mm) for 

phase turret condenser 

MIC2948 CCIS Plan Phase Achromatic objective 100X/1.25/S-Oil 

(WD=0.13mm) phase turret condenser 

MIC2914 Phase slider PH1 (to be used with EF-N Plan PH1 objective 10X) 

MIC2916 Phase slider PH2 (to be used with EF-N Plan PH2 objective 40X) 

MIC2920 Phase centering telescope 

MIC2922 0.5X C-mount camera adapter for 1/2" chip sensors

MIC2924 0.65X C-mount camera adapter for 2/3" chip sensors