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Labomed Vison 2000



The  Vision 2000 Laboratory Microscope offers versatility in an ergonomic package and a compact foorptint. With PL series Semi-Plan Achromatic 
objectives, images are rich and vivid with true rendition and sharp contrast and an efficient halogen illumination system delivers a full range of 
light intensity. 

Key features and benefits include:


Binocular head inclined at 45° with dual diopteric compensation 


Eyepiece: 10x/18mm wide field


LP Series DIN Semi Plan Achromatic objectives: 4X, 10X; 40X spring loaded, 100X (oil) spring loaded


Condenser: Sub stage Abbe NA 1.25 with aspheric lens, iris diaphragm and filter holder, rack and pinion focussing adjustment


Stage: 135x124mm, 76mm transversal movement and 50mm longitudinal, 


20W/6V halogen bulb 



5131000 Labomed Vision 2000 Microscope

Olympus Microscopes CKX31 Series



The CKX31 is a low-cost inverted microscope with a fixed binocular observation tube that delivers high optical performance together with 
convenient operation. It accommodates a wide variety of special cell culture and imaging needs making it ideal for cell culture in clean benches 
and simple micromanipulation.

CKX31SF-5 - Brightfield
Microscope frame for UIS optics with fixed binocular tube FN20, incl. 2 eyepieces WHB10x, integrated quadruple revolving nosepiece, plain 
stage (160x250 mm), coarse and fine focusing with tension adjustment mechanism, illuminator pillar with lamp house and long working 
distance condenser NA 0.3, WD=72mm, aperture stop, Allen key AQ2302, transformer integrated in frame, incl. Lamp socket and two halogen 
bulbs (30 W), power cord, CK2-SS Stage extension plate for CK-, CKX- and IX-microscopes, 45LBD-2 colour temperature compensation filter, 
45mm ø, dust cover for CKX41/31, PLCN4x/0,1 Plan Achromat C objective with 4x magnification with working distance of 18.5 mm and 
numerical aperture of 0.1, suitable for any cover slip thickness, Plan Achromat C objective with 10x magnification with working distance of 
10.5 mm and numerical aperture of 0.25,  suitable for any cover slip thickness, Plan Achromat C objective with 20x magnification with working 
distance of 1.2 mm and numerical aperture of 0.4 and cover correction 0.17 mm.

CKX31SF-5 – Brightfield/Phase Contrast
As per CKX31SF-5 - Brightfield plus IX2-SLP "Centering free" phase contrast slider with 3 positions, equipped with IX2-PHL and common 
phase annular stop (10x, 20x and 40x) and BF position, to be used with PHP objectives. CACHN10XPHP/0,25 C Achromat objective with 10x 
magnification with working distance of 8.8 mm and numerical aperture of 0.25, suitable for any cover slip thickness.  For phase- contrast 
observations via precentered PHP phase ring of the IX2-SLP slider.  LCACHN20XPHP/0,4 long working distance C Achromat objective with 20x 
magnification. With working distance of 3.2 mm, numerical aperture of 0.4 and cover correction of 1 mm for phase-contrast observations via 
precentered PHP phase ring of the IX2-SLP slider.



MIC1771 CKX31SF-5 – Brightfield

MIC1781 CKX31SF-5 – Brightfield/Phase Contrast

Accessories & Spares




MIC1646 UPLFLN4XPHP/0.13 Universal Plan Fluorite objective with 4xMagnification with working distance of 16.4 mm, and numerical aperture of 0.13, suitable for any cover 

slip thickness. For phase contrast observations via precentered PHP phase ring of the IX2-SLP slider.

MIC1664 LCACHN40XPHP/0,55 - Long working distance C Achromat objective with 40x magnification with working distance of 2.2 mm, numerical aperture of 0.55 and cover 

correction of 1 mm.  For phase contrast observations via precentered PHP phase ring of the IX2-SLP slider.

MIC1710 CK40-MVR - Attachable specimen guide, right-hand low driven coaxial stage control, movement range: x=120mm, y=78mm, with 3 inserts: 1) for slides and Petri 

dishes 54mm ø, 2) for microtiter plates (60 or 72) & Petri dishes 65mm ø, 3) plate 80x55mm for Petri dishes 30mm ø