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Leica DM IL LED Series



Optical performance and illumination are key elements in microscopy.  Both characteristics are unified in the new design of the 
Leica DM IL LED. As the first inverted routine microscope, the Leica DM IL LED is not only equipped with outstanding Leica HC optics, 
but also features innovative LED illumination. The transmitted-light illuminator including optimized condensers and improved 
contrast methods are adapted specifically for cell biology applications.  High stability, plenty of space for operation, large working 
distances, illumination without heat development and the separately accommodated electronics provide optimum conditions for 
microscopy. The Leica DM IL LED is exceptionally well-suited for uses ranging from various cell and tissue culture examinations 
in life sciences, developmental biology studies or micromanipulation in cell biology to living cell examinations in transgenics or 

The fluorescence version, the Leica DM IL LED Fluo, also offers a variety of possible applications. Optionally, it is also available 
with the new LED illumination.

Heatable microscope stages and 3-plate cross-stages provide great flexibility for experiments on living cells under physiological 

The Leica DM IL LED is the first inverted routine microscope with LED illumination for the transmitted-light method. The compact illumination unit includes a precentered light emitting diode 
that has a service life of 50,000 hours.

The LED, with a service life at least 250 times longer than that of conventional halogen lamps, is easy to maintain and very cost effective. The 10 watt power of the LED is completely converted 
into light while maintaining uniform colour temperature. No unwanted heat is generated. Optionally, users can activate the integrated automatic shut off – an additional contribution to 
energy savings.

In particular the phase contrast and IMC are optimized by the warm hue of the LED. With the help of the attachable filter, the illumination impression can be individually adapted in both 
directions of the colour spectrum. The integrated collector attains optimum light utilization and the integrated aperture diaphragm creates optimum contrast and resolution for every specimen 
and every objective.

Leica DM IL LED System 1 – Brightfield
Leica DM IL LED, the object guide for Leica DM IL with an adjustment range (xy) of 128 x 83 mm accepts all the different inserts from a current range. A special clamping device at the surface 
of the object guide ensures a precise fixing of each part of the range of holders. The ergonomic, low-lying coaxial control drive is extremely accurate and sensitive. Object guide can be easily 
adapted to the left or right of any of the fixed work stages (also heating stages). Binocular tube HC ILB, EYEPIECE HC PLAN 10X/20 BR, EYEPIECE HC PLAN 10X/20 BR. M, Condenser S40 / 
0.45, Objective HI PLAN 4x/0.10 

Leica DM IL LED System 2 – Brightfield/Phase Contrast
As per Leica DM IL LED System 1 - Brightfield plus Slider for Light rings S40 complete, Objective HI PLAN 4x/0.10 Free working distance: 18.0 mm For use with and without Cover Glass, 
Objective HI PLAN I 10x/0.22 PH1 Free working distance: 7.8 mm For use with and without Cover Glass suitable for Phase Contrast, not for Incident Light, except Fluorescence, Objective HI 
PLAN I 20x/0.30 PH1 Free working distance: 3.7 - 2.4 mm Cover glass suitable for Phase Contrast, not for Incident light, except Fluorescence, Objective HI PLAN I 40x/0.50 PH2 Free working 
distance: 2.0 mm Cover glass: 1.1 Suitable for Phase Contrast, not for Incident Light, except Fluorescence, Dust cover for stand without camera attachment.

Leica DM IL LED System 3 – Brightfield with Trinocular Tube
This system has the same specification as System 1 (MIC5250) except that it has a trinocular tube.

Leica DM IL LED System 4 – Brightfield/Phase Contrast with Trinocular Tube
This system has the same specification as System 2 (MIC5252) except that it has a trinocular tube.



MIC5250 Leica DM500 System 1 - Brightfield

MIC5252 Leica DM500 System 2 – Brightfield/Phase Contrast

MIC5254 Leica DM500 System 3 – Brightfield with Trinocular Tube

MIC5256 Leica DM500 System 4 – Brightfield/Phase Contrast with Trinocular Tube

MIC5258 Leica DM500 System 5 – Brightfield/Phase Contrast/Fluorescence  with Trinocular Tube