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Motic Microscope AE2000



Designed as a basic instrument for any life-science laboratory, the AE2000 comes with a Binocular or Trinocular stand. With a 
surprisingly small footprint, Motic´s AE2000 fits easily into every laboratory even when space is limited. A robust design and solid 
manufacturing ensure a long working life time even under rough usage conditions. Easy reach of both focusing and illumination 
controls guarantee comfortable operation for many hours.

Eyepiece tubes - Allow a 360° swivelling movement as well as a flexible adjustment of the interpupillary distance between 48 
and 75mm. The “Butterfly mode” increases the viewing height by 40mm. Designed with a comfortable viewing angle of 45°, all 
AE2000 eyepiece tubes offer a 20mm Field of View (FOV 20).

Objectives - Upgraded class of Plan Achromatic lenses within the CCIS Infinity Optical concept. This upgrade covers a complete 
range of the following magnifications for bright field and phase contrast: 4X, 10X, 20X and 40X. New in this level of microscopy 
is the special designed 4X Phase objective for fast overview and screening examinations.

Stage - The convenient low positioned stage for optimised viewer posture and easy access has a new hard-coated surface for easy cleaning. All standard packages contain a glass stage insert 
as well as a new metal insert. The optional mechanical stage can be supplied with inserts for the more common cell culture vessels, and standard glass slides.

Illumination - Standard packages come with a 6V/30W Halogen illumination, but can be converted to LED by a simple replacement of the Halogen bulb by a small LED module. As a new 
safety precaution Motic has implemented a “sleep mode”, based on an IR-sensor. This motion sensor detects a user in front of the microscope and automatically turns off the microscope 
when it is left for more than 15 minutes




AE2000 Binocular - Binocular head Siedentopf type 45° inclined, 360° swivelling 
Widefield high eyepoint eyepieces N-WF 10X/20mm with diopter adjustment and rubber 
eyecups Side facing quadruple nosepiece CCIS Plan Achromatic objectives PL4X, LWD 
PL40X CCIS Plan Achromatic Phase objectives PL Ph10X, LWD PL Ph20X ELWD condenser 
N.A.0.30 Phase slider Ph1, BF, Ph2 Phase centering telescope Plain stage with metal and 
glass stage inserts Halogen illumination 6V/30W with intensity control and sleeping mode 
45mm blue, green interference and neutral density filters with filter slider Allen hexagonal 
key, vinyl dust cover, power cord Power supply 100-240V (CE)

AE2000 Trinocular - Same specifications as AE2000 Binocular but with Trinocular head 
Siedentopf type 45° inclined, 360° swivelling (Light split = 20:80)



MIC2842 AE2000 - Binocular

MIC2852 AE2000 - Trinocular

Accessories and Spares 



MIC2864 CCIS Plan Phase objective PL Ph4X/0.10 (WD=12.6mm) Ph0 

MIC2866 Phase ring Ph0

MIC2868 CCIS Plan achromatic Phase objective LWD PL Ph 40X/0.5 

(WD=3.0mm) Ph1

MIC2870 LWD condenser N.A. 0.40 (WD=53mm)

MIC2872 Attachable mechanical stage with well plate holder (128 x 86mm)

MIC2874 35mm petri dish holder (only applicable with 1101000200262)

MIC2876 Ø 54mm Petri dish holder

MIC2878 Ø 65mm Petri dish holder

MIC2880 Haemacytometer holder (35 x 76mm)

MIC2882 0.5X C-mount camera adapter for 1/3" and 1/2" chip sensors

MIC2884 0.65X C-mount camera adapter for 2/3" chip sensors

MIC2886 LED module 4500º K +/- 300ºK

MIC2888 LED module 6000ºK +/- 300ºK

MIC2890 Quartz halogen lamp 6V/30W