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A range a of cameras available for use with the SLS Lab Basics  microscopes ranging from 
an entry level 1.3MP eyepiece camera with software through to a 5MP camera with a Wifi 
tablet and application software:

MIC0111 1.3MP eyepiece camera with adapter rings


Colour and black and white mode


1240x1024 max resolution


USB-2 compatible


Software to change input parameters included

MIC0112  Si-3000 3MP High definition USB 2.0 camera


3MP High speed CMOS 10 bit ½ inch sensor


12 fps @ 2048 x 1536 pixels or 27 fps @ 1280 x 1024 pixels


Optical black level calibration


Progressive scan


Camera driver eliminates need for off line processing


Comprehensive camera controls


C mount/¼ Camera mount

MIC0113  SI-5C 5MP USB 2.0 camera with extended dynamic range


10 bit processing


½ inch sensor


12 fps @ 2048 x 1536, 22 fps @ 1280 x 1024


Control panel allows for the storage of 4 separate program parameter

MIC0114  DigiPad 500 5MP camera with 9.7” tablet


½” CMOS sensor


Manual/Automatic/Preset white balance settings


Programmable controls: Gain, Frame rate, Frame size, Exposure


Sensitivity 1.6V/lux-sec


Pixel size 2.2x2.2µm, 71dB dynamic range


9.7” backlit LCD touchscreen, 1024x768 resolution


G sensor multi point capacitance touch screen


Android 2.3 operating system 1.2GHx CPU and 1GB RAM


Supports external TF card for additional storage capacity 



MIC0111 1.3MP USB digital camera and simple capture software.

MIC0112 3MP SI 3000 Digital USB Camera, complete with analysis software.

MIC0113 5 MP SI 5000 Digital USB Camera, complete with analysis software.

MIC0114 DigiPad 500 5MP camera with 9.7” tablet

Cameras for SLS Lab Basics Micrsocopes






Moticam Pro 252A CCD Microscope Camera



The Moticam Pro 252A CCD microscope camera provides a “box to pics” solution to obtaining high quality microscope images. 
Fitted with a Sony ICX CCD sensor, Motic Pro 252A is a powerful yet flexible camera which can capture live, still time lapse and 
video footage. 

Key features and benefits include:


C/CS mount adapters


1/1.8” 3.2MP Sony CCD colour sensor


USB 2.0 connection as standard


On board 4 frame image buffer


TTL port


Moticam Pro and Moticam Images Advanced 3.2 application software included 



MIC5819 Moticam Pro 252A 3.2MP camera