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Pipette Racks



Constructed of a durable ABS plastic these racks look good and hold up better than acrylic.
They come with two attachments that can be used to hold pipette bulbs, pipette fillers and pipette pumps on both sides 
of the rack. A small window on the side makes viewing the enclosed pipette straightforward. Each rack features 4 angled 
compartments to accommodate 4 different sizes of pipette, 0.1ml to 25ml. The racks are available in a choice of two colours, 
blue or red.
The magnetized rack has strong magnets on one side to allow safe mounting on most metal surfaces. Ideal for fume hoods, 
filing cabinets and refrigerators etc. All racks measure 291mm deep x 88mm wide x 401mm high.



PIP5512 Pipette rack in blue ABS

PIP5514 Pipette rack in red ABS

PIP5518 Pipette rack in blue ABS, magnetic to mount onto cabinets etc

Cargo Pipette Rack



Ideal for your serological pipettes. Manage the Cargo Manual Pipette Rack to meet your laboratory needs. Click together horizontally 
with side connections. Securely lock in place with top connections. Magnets on both sides of units connect securely and safely to metal 
surface such as file cabinets, fume hoods, refrigerators and freezers. Angled shelves store your 0.1 to 25ml pipettes within arm's reach 
for use. Protective lid encloses the unit to prevent dust build up. The lid also provides an additional shelf for extra space when connected 
horizontally. Varying shades of blue brings diversity to the lab.


Unit can stack in both horizontal and vertical orientation


Customisble to fit work space. Can use 1,2 or 3 compartments together


Ultra strong magnets provide storage up and away from disruption


Protective lid prevents dust and debris gathering on top of pipettes and builds up to allow additional shelf for added work space


Microbiology - Store serological pipettes outside on fume hood for easy access and retrieval


Chemistry - Designate each compartment for varying size serological pipettes commonly used


Sampling - Move individual compartments to work area for multiple draws




RAC3100 Cargo Manual Pipette Rack

3 Pack

Pipette Rack and Stands





PIP5500 Horizontal PVC tray for 7 pipettes max 20mm diam or 16 pipettes 10mm diam. Dims 215 x 280 x 40mm
PIP5502 Vertical PPR rack for 18 pipettes max 10mm diam plus 10 pipettes 15mm.
PIP5506 Rotary vertical PPR stand for 94 pipettes, dims 230 x 450mm. Suitable for all graduated and one mark pipetees. Curved rim retains drips.
PIP5508 PVC tray for 9 pipettes. Can be used as a drawer organiser. Dimensions 355 x 300 x 45mm.
PIP5510 Manual Pipette Rack. Clear acrylic rack holds 0.1 to 25ml pipettes, 4 compartments. 291 x 88 x 401mm.