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Integra Biosciences VACUSIP



Integra VACUSIP is a vacuum aspiration system suitable for use with a wide array of small volume liquid aspiration 
tasks. VACUSIP provides a ready to use solution for the wide array of liquid waste disposal tasks carried out at the 
laboratory bench. An integrated pump ensures independent operation  without the need to connect to an external 
vacuum source and the battery version allows for even more flexibility. The hand operator allows fine regulation of 
the aspiration flow and accepts a variety of adapters whilst the 0.5L glass bottle is quickly exchanged. All components 
coming in contact with liquids can be autoclaved and, if the inactivation of the liquid waste is carried out externally, 
a disposable bottle may be used. 

Key features include:


Compact footprint 


Convenient and independent – with the rechargeable battery option, you easily move VACUSIP around the  
lab to where it is needed


Pump provides a flow rate of 2.3mL/s and automatically stops when the vacuum is established maximising  
battery life


Unique VACUSIP hand operator enables precise and fine regulation of the liquid aspiration flow


Adapters available to ensure that Vacusip can handle almost any container and application


Hydrophobic filter protects the unit from contamination


Bottle exchange is quick, clean and safe and all parts in contact with liquids are autoclavable



I159000 VACUSIP with rechargeable battery

I159010 VACUSIP without battery

I155502 VACUSIP 1-channel stainless steel tip 40mm length

I155525 VACUSIP 1-channel stainless steel tip 280mm length

I155503 VACUSIP 8-channel stainless steel tips 40mm length

I159023 VACUSIP 1-channel adaptor for disposable tips (pack of 5)

I159026 VACUSIP 1-channel adaptor with ejector for disposable tips

I159024 VACUSIP 8-channel adaptor with ejector for disposable tips

I159027 VACUSIP 1-channel adaptor with ejector for GRIPTIPS

I156632 VACUSIP mains adapter

I153016 Replacement filter for the VACUSIP pump, none sterile

I159040 Tubing set for VACUSIP

I159032 Single use PP bottle 500ml with GL 45 lid for VACUSIP

I159035 Green GL 45 lid with fittings for  500ml VACUSIP bottle, pack of 2

I159020 VACUSIP hand operator