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Speedy Breedy Respirometer



New and truly innovative, Speedy Breedy is a unique and easy to use compact portable research and development respirometer, for microbiologists in industry and academia, where the 
presence or absence of microbes needs to be understood, prevented or encouraged.Speedy Breedy enables the investigation, measurement and observation of microbial behaviour in liquid 
or macerated solids on a near real time basis and can be used to rapidly (within hours in some cases) to test for the presence of potentially detrimental contaminants, growth and metabolic 
promoters or inhibitors in a controlled environment The Speedy Breedy instrument has two sample chambers allowing for a single (test versus control or aerobic plus anaerobic) or dual sample 
approach. Each single use disposable 50ml culture vessel is supplied sterile  (gamma irradiation), incorporates a magnetic paddle for mixing and  noninvasive  pressure sensing  which allows 
the instrument to accurately measure pressure changes whilst  an integral diaphragm isolates the sensor and  forms a barrier to protect both the biological culture and the operator.  Samples 
are inoculated into the culture vessel and Speedy Breedy then controls growth conditions according to a pre-determined protocol in order to facilitate rapid replication of cells or microbes.  This 
growth drives pressure fluctuations within the vessel which are accurately measured by the instrument meaning that monitoring can be performed on a range of microbial processes reacting 
to differing conditions within the culture chamber. The use of disposable 50ml culture vessel eliminates the need for cleaning of potentially hazardous bottles and a variety of media can be 
used including known or proprietary formulations, vessels are available empty or pre dosed with dried MacKonkeys or Tryptic soy broth media.Speedy Breedy can be used on a stand alone 
basis or connected to PC via LAN or USB. When connected to a PC, customised protocols can be prepared and downloaded to the instrument whilst experimental results can be uploaded for 
detailed analysis and data visualisation using the inclusive software package. The unit is also supplied with a 2GB SD card for experimental data storage.Speedy Breedy is extremely compact 
and highly portable, weighing just 2.75 kilos and operates on both 12V DC or mains voltage via an adapter.

Who should be interested in Speedy Breedy?


Anyone interested in microbial activity of contamination testing


Anyone interested in how metabolic enhancers or inhibitors behave


Anyone interested in growth and surveillance of starter cultures, yeasts or bacteria


Anyone working with high cell density research scenarios such as cell cultures, wastewater research, or fermentation


Anyone working with low cell density situations such as research into contamination in health and beauty, food and beverage or pharmaceutical products


Anyone interested in developing sterilisation products

Key features and benefits:


Genuinely innovative and patented technology


Two incubation chambers allow for dual sample testing or sample vs. control testing under identical conditions


Easy to inoculate sterile single use 50ml culture chambers supplied pre dosed with media or empty 


Works with a wide variety of sample types


Highly sensitive non invasive pressure detection system delivers rapid results and provides a protective barrier between operator and sample


Windows compatible software enables near real time visualisation of pressure fluctuations within the culture chamber


Programmable with customised protocols


USB and LAN connections


Truly portable – 2.75kg, 31 cm long and runs off 12V DC or mains 



SPE9050 SpeedyBreedy respirometer, no culture vessels






SPE9060 SpeedyBreedy 50ml empty culture vessel


SPE9070 SpeedyBreedy 50ml culture vessel with dried Tryptic soya broth media


SPE9080 SpeedyBreedy 50ml culture vessel with dried MacKonkeys media