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Mikura Ventura 2000 Shaker/Incubator



Ventura 2000 is a micro processor controlled shaker incubator that accommodates up to four microtitre plates of any format. 
Three parameters (speed, temperature and time) are programmed via the control panel and count down remaining time as 
well as the other two parameters are displayed on the backlit LCD. Each of the four plates can be timed invidually and an 
alarm sounds to notify  the user when the time has elapsed for the particular plate. The plates remain visible to the user at all 
times under the clear protection cover. 

Features include:


Easy access to all four plates at all times for loading and unloading under hinged lid


Timer function for each of the plates


Uniform heating via air circulation


Unique open construction for easy integration with robotic systems


Remote low voltage supply for added safety


Minimum bench space requirement and easy to clean/maintain


Suitable for deep well plates 





Technical Specifications

Adjustable temperature range, 

5°C above ambient to 50

Temperature uniformity, °C


Operational conditions, °C

12 to 30

Adjustable timer for each plate

1-9999 minutes in 1 minute steps

Shaking orbit


Adjustable speed

600 to 1300 in 10rpm steps

Dimensions (wxdxh) mm

200 x 520 x 220mm



MIC5118 Ventura 2000 4 plate shaker incubator for standard plates

MIC5120 Ventura 2000 4 plate shaker incubator for deep well plates

Microplate Genie


 Single Position Microplate Mixer



The MicroPlate Genie provides high speed action for increased mixing efficiency in every well. Mixing speeds from 750-2700 RPM 
(Analogue) and 500-2850 RPM (Digital) and a small vortexing orbit of 1.0mm ensure complete and uniform mixing in any microplate 
format. irrespective of sample viscosity. Built-in timer operates from 1 – 60 minutes for the analogue version and up to 99 minutes for the 
digital version for hands-free use. Digital version is programmable with “ON” and “OFF” Pulsing time between 0.1 seconds to 99 minutes.


Speed: 750 – 2700 RPM (Analog)/500-2850 RPM (Digital) 


Time: 1 – 60 minutes or continuous (Analog)/ 1-99 minutes or continuous (Digital).


Pulse - ON/OFF (Digital):  0.1 seconds - 99 minutes


Vortexing Orbit: 1.0mm diameter


Maximum Capacity: 1 microplate


Dimensions (D x W x H) 150 x 180 x 165mm


Weight: 2.75Kg 



MIX5198 MicroPlate Genie, Analogue

MIX5199 MicroPlate Genie, Digital