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Eppendorf BioPhotometer plus



The Eppendorf BioPhotometer plus is a compact UV/Vis photometer with 9 fixed wavelengths optimised for routine applications in 
molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology labs. The photometer provides instant access to 32 routine methods, of which 9 are 
freely programmable and can accommodate micolitre volumes using the new 1.0mm path length Eppendorf μCuvette G1.0



Fast and reliable quantification of nucleic acids and proteins


Determination of cell density


Absorption measurement of individual wavelengths and end point determination

Product features


Doesn’t require a PC to operate


Measurement of single wavelengths without any calculation


Storage of the last 100 results and all corresponding data

Optical system:

Absorption single beam photometer with reference beam

Light source:

Xenon flash lamp


Xe 230; 260; 280; 320; 562; 595nm

Spectral bandwidth:

5nm: 230-320nm; 7nm: 562-595nm

Photometric measuring range:

0.000-3.000 A

Calibration memory:

For all protein standard calibrations

Results memory:

For last 100 results: absorption and ratio values, sample number, dilution, 
date and time


RS232 C, serial, for printer or PC

Dimensions (W x D x H):

20 x  32 x 10cm

Optional accessories:

Thermal printer DPU 414, 40 characters/lineSecondary UV-VIS-Filter set for 
verifying photometric and wavelength accuracy



E6132000032 BioPhotometer Plus

E6132000961 Biophotometer® Plus bundle with μCuvette™ G1.0

E6138000018 μCuvette™ G1.0





E6131928007 Secondary UV-VIS-Filter, test set for verifying photometric and wavelength accuracy (NIST-traceable)

E6131012002 Thermal Printer DPU 414 serial printer, incl. power supply 230V unit and printer cable

E0013021566 Printer Paper (5 rolls)

E6132854007 BioPhotometer Data Transfer Software, software package for online data transfer to PC.

E0030079345 Disposable cuvettes made of clear plastic with a light transmission of 300nm to 900nm

E0030079353 Disposable cuvettes made of clear plastic with a light transmission of 300nm to 900nm