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Techne  PRIME Elite Thermal Cyclers



PRIME Elite is a new high-performance networkable thermal cycler, equipped as standard with all the latest features including large colour 
touchscreen, fast ramping, innovative front-loading PCR plate drawer, automatic non-motorised heated lid, TERS thermal energy recovery 
system and a unique space-saving, stackable design. Prime Elite and Prime Elite Satellites can be combined to form a two, three or four 
block instrument with Satellites controllable from the Prime Elite or a PC. These block options are available with gradient functionality. 
4 year warranty as standard

Key Features:


TERS, Thermal Energy Recovery System to save on energy consumption


Unique, easy to use CD-type sample drawer mechanism provides the correct pressure for use with any tube or PCR  



plate type


Mechanical sample draw


Stackable design to save on bench space


Up to 3 satellites can be connected to each Prime and controlled by either the Prime Elite or via a PC.


Fast 5.0°C/sec ramp rate


Three gradient block options; 96 x 0.2mL, 60 x 0.5mL and 384-well


4 year warranty 


Block temperature range 4 to 100°C


Maximum gradient 30°C


Maximum heating rate 5°C per second


Block uniformity ± 0.3°C


Temperature Accuracy ± 0.2°C 



MOL6326 Thermal Cycler 96 x 0.2mL

MOL6328 Thermal Cycler, 60 x 0.5mL

MOL6330 Thermal Cycler, 384-well plate

MOL6332 Satellite Thermal Cycler, 96 x 0.2mL

MOL6334 Satellite Thermal Cycler, 60 x 0.5mL

MOL6336 Satellite Thermal Cycler, 384-well plate

MOL6338 Block, 96 x 0.2mL

MOL6340 Block, 60 x 0.5mL

MOL6342 Block, 384-well plate