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Brookfield, Digital, DV1+



Providing sophisticated performance with a large easy to read digital display of percentage scale (Brookfield), centipoise (cP), speed (rpm) and spindle 
identification.     With a 0 to 10mV or 0 to 1V output signal for connection to a chart recorder.  This output facility greatly enhances the function of this 
unit for analysing rheological processes which occur quickly or over a long period of time. All functions are easily selected from the user-friendly keypad. 
Supplied complete with spindles, guard leg, output cables, laboratory stand and carrying case. 



Viscosity range

VIS2100 Model LVDV-I+

15 to 2,000,000cPs

VIS2102 Model RVDV-I+

100 to 13,000,000cPs

VIS2104 Model HADV-I+

200 to 26,000,000cPs

VIS2106 Model HBDV-I+

800 to 104,000,000cPs

Brookfield, Programmable DV2+




Programmable Operation. Create and download up to four test programs via your PC. Programs run in stand-alone mode.


Broader Speed and Shear Rate Range. 54 user selectable speeds - 0.01 to 200rpm - provide variable shear rate capability  


for more precise viscosity testing.


Enhanced Keyboard. “One Key” program operation for repetitive testing in QC and R&D.


Simplified Time Measurements. User selectable Time to Stop and Time to Torque values can be preset via the keypad.


Data Averaging Function. Convenient for collecting data on time dependent or other hard-to-measure materials.



Senses & Displays


Viscosity (cP or mPas)


Temperature (°C or °F)


Speed (rpm)


Shear Rate/ Shear Stress


% Torque (Brookfield)



RTD Temperature Probe


Auto-zero and Auto-range


Over and under-range warning


Serial, parallel and analog outputs


With WINGATHER optional software the DV2+ outputs directly to a PC. Data can also be 
sent direct to a printer.


Supplied complete with spindles, guard leg, output cables, laboratory stand and carrying 



Viscosity range

VIS2112 Model RVDV-2+

100 to 40,000,000cPs

VIS2114 Model HADV-2+

200 to 80,000,000cPs

VIS2116 Model HBDV-2+

800 to 320,000,000cPs





VIS2118 WINGATHER PC software