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X-Ray Film



Double sided blue-sensitive film combining fast exposure time and very good resolution.  
An ideal general purpose film suitable for manual and automatic processing. Supplied 
in boxes of 100.


Size, cm

MOL7010 13 x 18

MOL7016 18 x 24

MOL7018 18 x 43

MOL7022 24 x 30

MOL7024 30 x 40

MOL7026 35 x 35

MOL7028 35 x 43

X-Ray Film Cassettes



Spring-loaded catch. Aluminium frame, aluminium front plate with vinyl covering and 
aluminium back. Manufactured to BS7534. Gels are loaded from the front and closure 
effected by recessed spring-loaded catches. Hinges and springs are corrosion resistant 
stainless steel. Closure mechanism allows one handed operation. Economically priced yet 
sufficiently rugged to withstand many exposures to -70°C.
Side Lock
Constructed from a light alloy with plastic coated front and back. Side action lever lock 
gives a positive closure and will not seize after prolonged exposure to -70°C temperatures. 
Other features include excellent film-screen contact and a low absorption front. Also 
available with internal grid for gels dried onto glass. Grid cassettes have greater depth.


Size, cm

MOL7036 18 x 24

MOL7038 18 x 43

MOL7042 24 x 30

MOL7044 30 x 40

MOL7048 35 x 43


Size, cm

MOL7130 13 x 18

MOL7136 18 x 24

MOL7138 18 x 43

MOL7142 24 x 30

MOL7144 30 x 40

MOL7146 35 x 35

MOL7148 35 x 43




Minipro 90 X-Ray Film Processor



Table-top, variable speed, automatic X-Ray processor


Variable speed processing: 90-180 seconds


Certified for mammography film processing


Low volume tanks


Intermediate rinse cross-over rollers


Dimensions 639 x 919 x 500mm (W x L x H)


Weight 58kg (empty)



MOL7500 Minipro 90 X-Ray film processor

MOL7610 Single X-Ray viewer