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Eppendorf SmartBlocks™



Eppendorf offers a wide variety of exchangeable SmartBlocks for all common vessel formats from 5µL to 50 mL 
to use with Eppendorf ThermoMixer C and ThermoStat C. Eppendorf SmartBlocks are equipped with the Eppendorf 
QuickRelease system that makes the block exchange quick and easy with just a single lever on the front of the block. 


Fast and simple block exchange due to Eppendorf QuickRelease™ technology


Optimised block design guarantees maximum temperature transfer to the sample


Individually sensor-controlled Eppendorf SmartBlocks™ allow for block-specific calibration to provide maximum 
temperature accuracy and homogeneity


Insulated thermoblocks ensure safe and ergonomic use



E5360000038 For 24 x 1.5mL

E5364000024 For 24 reaction vessels, diameter 11 mm – 11.9 mm, height 30 mm – 76 mm

E5366000021 for 8 x 15mL conical tubes

E5362000035 for 24 x 2.0mL

E5309000007 for 8 x 5.0mL ep tubes

E5360000038 for 4 x 50mL conical tubes

E5307000000 for 384 well PCR plates, incl. lid

E5306000006 for PCR 96 wellplates, incl. lid

E5367000025 for 24 cryo tubes, 1.5 – 2mL, max. external diameter 12.5mm, all base designs

E5363000039 for microplates and deepwell plates, incl. lid

E5309000007 for 8 x 5.0mL tubes

E5361000031 for 24 x 0.5mL tubes