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The new improved Azlon Storage bottles are suitable for a 
wide range of applications including sample collection, mixing, 
preparation, transporting and storage.

They are manufactured to a new leak-proof, liner-less design. 
Precision injection blow moulding provides effective sealing between 
bottle and cap without the need for loose cap insert liners.

The range has good chemical resistance and is available in 
polyethylene, polypropylene and amber polypropylene for the 
storage of light sensitive samples.

Polypropylene bottles are suitable for autoclaving at 121



New Improved  

Azlon Storage Bottles

A pronounced collar provides an 
effective anchor for shrink wrap. 

Base mouldings include recycling 
codes, bottle volumes and 
registration ramp as standard 
across the range.

Secure closure comes from high quality 
moulded threads and seal profiles on 
bottle and cap. 

The smooth inner neck and base 
contours provide easy pouring and 
effective access for cleaning.

Leak-proof, liner-less design

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