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>  Outstanding rotor versatility
> Low access height
> Quiet operation
> Space-saving design 
>  Ergonomic Eppendorf 



 caps and lids

Eppendorf centrifuges go beyond speed 
and capacity offering you unparalleled 
ergonomic operation, advanced tem-
perature management and eco-friendly 
features for energy-savings. With their 
renowned quality and reliability, Eppendorf 
Centrifuge 5804/R and 5810/R are the 
cost effi cient solution for your lab.

Eppendorf Multipurpose Centrifuge 5804/R and 5810/R 
with new 3 Litre capacity

Reliable Performance

New: High-capacity
3 Litre rotor

Watch video highlights 

of centrifuges here!

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