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Thermo Scientific SL 40 Centrifuge Series



The Thermo Scientific 4 x 750ml SL40 general purpose centrifuge series combines capacity and ergonomics at an exceptional value for everyday 
sample preparation, including clinical protocols, cell culture applications, micro plate processing and a variety of separation needs. 

Key features include:


Auto-Lock® III Rotor System - Installation and exchange of rotors with just the push of a button for quick switch between applications


ClickSeal® Bucket Sealing System - Simple operation eliminating screw caps and complicated clips


SMARTSpin® Technology - Advanced rotor management system optimizes acceleration, braking and residual load imbalance for each rotor 
and bucket option


Motorized Lid Latch - One finger downward motion for easy closing and locking - even on tall benches


Compact, Comfortable Design - Exceptional capability in compact dimensions maximizes workspace


Energy Efficient - Up to 40% energy consumption savings on industry standard protocols, such as standard blood separation or conical tubes 



75004512 Thermo Scientific SL40, 230v

75004527 Thermo Scientific SL40R, 230v

Accessories and options for SL 40 Centrifuge Series - TX750 Rotor



75003608 750 ml Round buckets (set of 4) - for TX-750 rotor

75003609 Sealing caps for round bucket (set of 4, includes grease)

75003733 Set of 4 adapters 48 x 2ml microtube

75003723 Set of 4 adapters 27 x 5/7ml Vacutainer

75003716 Set of 4 adapters 7 x 25ml Universal

75003639 Set of 4 adapters 14 x 15ml conical

75003638 Set of 4 adapters 7 x 50ml conical

75003617 Carriers for microplates and T-75 Flasks (set of 4) - for TX-750 rotor

Accessories and options for SL 40 Centrifuge Series - BIOLiner High Capacity rotor



75003667 BIOLiner High Capacity rotor

75003668 High capacity BIOLiner buckets (set of 4)

75003669 Sealing caps for BIOLiner buckets (set of 4)

75003671 Set of 4 BIOLiner Adapters 49 x 5/7ml vacutainer

75003673 Set of 4 BIOLiner Adapters 22 x 15ml conical

75003674 Set of 4 BIOLiner Adapters 10 x 50ml conical

75003670 Microplate carriers for BIOLiner rotor (set of 4)

75003689 Sealing caps for BIOLiner microplate carrier (set of 4)