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Jenway Colorimeter 6051



The Jenway 6051 is a general purpose bench colorimeter with an operating range of 400 - 710nm. The meter is equipped 
with easy-to-use controls making it ideal for routine and educational use. There are a range of accessories available including 
optional cell holder assemblies, allowing the use of 10, 20 and 40mm cells.
The colorimeter is supplied with 8 built-in filters on a switched wheel, a 10 x 10mm cell holder, mains lead, 10 x 10 mm 
(pack of 100) plastic disposable cuvettes and operating manual.


Wide wavelength range from 400 to 710nm


Ideal for routine and educational use


Easy to use and conventional style controls


Sample flexibility with many size options


Mains or battery operated



COL3000 Jenway 6051 Colorimeter

Colorimeter Accessories



COL3002 10 x 20mm cell holder

COL3004 10 x 40mm cell holder

COL3006 Heated cell block

COL3008 4 cell carriage

COL3014 10 x 40mm cell

WPA Colourwave CO7500



Simple, inexpensive colorimetry for the teaching environment.
This colorimeter has 5 buttons.     Reading can be displayed as Absorbance units or % Transmission.  Kinetics also available. 
Supplied with 8 filters to cover 440 - 700nm wavelength range.   Will accept 10mm path length cuvette or 16mm tube.  Will 
also accept 10mm or 12mm tubes by using an adapter. Analogue and RS232 output.  


Two year warranty.


Mains powered or rechargeable battery models 


Dimensions: 180 x 150 x 60mm.  


Weight 0.5Kg 



COL3410 Colourwave CO7500 (mains only)

COL3412 Colourwave CO7500B (battery or mains)

COL3414 CO7500L Spare lamp for above

COL3416 Spare set of 8 filters

COL3418 10mm & 12mm tube adapters