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Eppendorf Concentrator Plus Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrator



Concentrator Plus quickly and efficiently concentrates DNA/RNA, nucleotides, proteins and other samples. Available 
in two configurations:


As a complete system with an integrated solvent-resistant PTFE vacuum pump


As an upgradeable basic concentrator for connecting to an existing vacuum; power to external vacuum pumps  


can be automatically controlled using the AC receptacle in the rear of the concentrator

Product features


Narrow 32cm width saves valuable bench space.


Motorless drive and sealed chamber for trouble-free operation


Extremely quiet 



E5305000363 Concentrator plus complete system with integrated diaphragm vacuum pump, with rotor F-45-48-11

E5305000762 Concentrator plus complete system with integrated diaphragm vacuum pump, with connection (e.g. gel-dryer), without rotor

E5305000568 Concentrator plus complete system with integrated diaphragm vacuum pump, without rotor

E5305000169 Concentrator plus basic device with rotor F-45-48-11




Swing bucket rotor A-2-VC


For use with MTPs, PCR plates and up to 2 x 96 0.2ml PCR tubes and tube strips


Load MTPs and PCR plates directly


To spin down individual PCR tubes or tube strips, PCR plates and MTPs without frame, use the Work tray and Frame


Rotor is autoclavable at 121oC, 20 min


Up to four MTPs can be accommodated for low speed centrfiguation (perform manual swing test)


Holds CombiSlide adapter


Other sized rotors are available upon request



E5399000167 Kit for upgrading basic concentrator to the complete system, incl. diaphragm pump with inner PTFE coating (230V/50Hz), emission condenser and two rails for connecting 

concentrator and pump

E5301316005 Rotor spacer, required for stacking rotors F-45-72-8 and F-45-48-11

E5825706005 CombiSlide┬«, slide adapter, set of 2

E5425716001 Adapter for 0.5mL or 0.6mL Microtainer┬« tubes, set of 6, for rotor F-45-48-11

E5425715005 Adapter for 0.2mL PCR tubes, set of 6, for rotor F-45-48-11

E5425723008 Adapter for 0.2mL PCR tubes, set of 6, for rotor F-45-72-8

E0030124235 Work trays for 96 x 0.2mL PCR tubes (set of 10) and plates without frame

E0030124243 Frame for work tray (set of 5)

E5490045009 Tube/plate, two buckets for 0.2mL PCR tubes/5 tube or 8 tube strips/PCR plates, microplates, cell culture plates, deepwell plates (max height 27mm)/ Slides (with Combislide┬« 


E5490047001 Rotor F-35-6-30, 6 x 15/50mL