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Hirschmann Laborgerate Opus Dispenser



An intelligent unit concept makes opus


 a laboratory instrument that considerably facilitates dispensing routines and increases 

productivity. You can configure settings on the display, start dispensing: at the push of a button and opus® will take care of the rest: 
the volume is electronically controlled and dispensed with the aid of a motor. You can repeat this process up to 9999 times – with 
the first results as accurate as all subsequent operations.


Microprocessor-controlled, motorised piston lift system with recirculation


Volume range: 0.1 ml – 200 ml (maximum piston lift 20 ml, automatic addition), resolution: < 1 µl.


1 ml – 500 ml ((maximum piston lift 50 ml, automatic addition), resolution: < 2 µl.


Volume accuracy: dispenser: 50 ml: R = 0,6 %, CV = 0,2 % 20 ml: R = 0,6 %, CV = 0,2 %

                                            stepper: 50 ml: R = 0,5 %, CV = 0,25 % 20 ml: R = 0,5 %, CV = 0,3 %


Velocity: Configuration in up to 10 increments, independent for suctioning and dispensing velocity


Working temperature range: +4°C to +40°C


Power supply: Plug-in mains unit 15V 850 mA (optional via battery in control unit)


Optional battery operation Battery charge for an average of 2.5 - 3 h continuous operation, battery capacity indicated on   

              TFT display, charging time approx. 6.5 h, intelligent electronics prevent overloading and deep discharging


Materials: Housing made of PA6 reinforced glass fibre, all parts in contact with liquid are made of chemically inert  



material (ECTFE, borosilicate glass 3.3, Hastelloy, FEP, PTFE)


Cleaning, sterilisation: Motorised rinsing function at the push of a button; dry and wet components can be disconnected  

                without tools; all parts coming in contact with the dispensing liquid can be steam sterilised (121°C)


Aeration: Automatic at the push of a button


Dimensions: 320 mm x 80 mm x 63 mm (H x D x W) 


Weight: 660 g 





DIS2550 opus dispenser 10ml

DIS2552 opus dispenser 20ml,

DIS2554 opus dispenser 50ml





DIS2590 Ejection unit, fine

DIS2592 Ejection unit, flexible, spiral shaped, inner diameter 1.5mm

DIS2594 Ejection unit, variable

DIS2596 Adapter with A45 filler

DIS2602 Suctioning hose 2m

DIS2604 Suctioning hose 5m

DIS2606 Recirculation hose 2m

DIS2608 Recirculation hose 5m