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Mettler Toledo SevenCompact™ S203 Conductivity meter



The new SevenCompact™ S203 conductivity meter is ideal for routine conductivity measurements but can also measure resistivity, 
TDS and conductivity ash for sugar measurements. Calibration of the SevenCompact™ conductivity meter is possible through 
either the manual input of a cell constant or a standard solution whilst measurement offers a choice between two reference 
temperatures and four different temperature compensation options: Linear; non linear, off and pure water. All SevenCompact™ 
meters have an IP54 rating with rubber caps over the connectors to ensure protection from lab spills and dust.

Key features include:


Large colour display with icons for intuitive usage


UPlace™ electrode arm allows straight up and down movement with one hand


Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM


) ensures automatic sensor identification and that the correct calibration data for  

that probe is used


1,000 data set memory and USB export


Special temperature compensation mode for pure water which can be switched off for USP/EP measurements


Supports conductivity measurement of Bioethanol without the need to interconvert or recalculate units 



PHM3800 SevenCompact™ S230 Basic Conductivity meter, no probe

PHM3802 SevenCompact™ S230 Conductivity meter kit with InLab 731 ISM probe and two callibration sachets

PHM3804 SevenCompact™ S230 USP/EP Conductivity meter kit with InLab 741 ISM probe and 1413 µs/cm callibration sachet

Mettler Toledo pH/Ion Meter S220 SevenCompact™



The new SevenCompact™ pH/Ion can measure pH, ORP and ion concentration in various units, switching between modes requires only a 
single key press. Eight different pre defined pH buffer groups ensure flexibility in calibration and the sensor icon shows the quality of the 
calibration at a glance. All SevenCompact™ meters have an IP54 rating with rubber caps over the connectors to ensure protection from 
lab spills and dust.

Key features include:


Single button reading with three options for end point; timed, manual or automatic


Fully pre-programmed ion support for the eight most commonly used ion types, ionic charges can be programmed into generic ions for  


1,000 data set memory and USB export


Compatible with perfectION™ range of combined IS electrodes and NTC30KΩ/Pt1000 temperature sensors


Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM


) ensures automatic sensor identification and that the correct calibration data for that probe is  




PHM3806 SevenCompact™ S220 pH/Ion meter, no probe

PHM3808 SevenCompact™ S220 pH/Ion meter kit with InLab Expert Pro-ISM probe and two buffer sachets for pH 4.01, 7.00, 9.21 and 10.00

PHM3810 SevenCompact™ S220 pH/Ion meter Bio kit with InLab Routine Pro-ISM cable kit and two buffer sachets for pH 4.01, 7.00, 9.21 and 10.00

PHM3812 SevenCompact™ S220 pH/Ion meter University kit with InLab Versatile Pro-ISM probe and two buffer sachets for pH 4.01, 7.00, 9.21 and 10.00

Mettler Toledo Conductivity Meter FE30 FiveEasy™ Series



FiveEasy conductivity is suitable for a wide range of applications in various areas such as food and beverage, agriculture, industry, water and environment. 
Key features include


TDS and salinity modes, meter self-test, automatic endpoint recognition, 1 point calibration, linear temperature compensation and selectable reference temperature


Five self-explanatory buttons for starting and ending a measurement or calibration and for accessing the latest calibration data


A big, well organised display simultaneously showing readings, temperature, endpoint criteria and various helpful icons


Kit version also includes the robust LE703 conductivity electrode and a handy electrode arm


RS232 connection for ease of data transfer


Internal memory for data storage


Temperature range, °C

0.0 to 100.0

Temperature resolution, °C


Temperature accuracy, °C




Operating environment

0 to 40°0, 5 to 80% rel. humidity (not cond)

Conductivity range


TDS range

0.1mg/L to 1999.9g/L

Salinity range, psu 

0.00 to19.99



CON2504 FE30 Conductivity meter only including meter, operating manual, “quick guide” and power adapter

CON2506 FE30 Conductivity meter kit as FE30 meter only plus LE703 conductivity electrode, electrode arm, 2 x 1413µS/cm and 2 x 12.88 mS/cm standard sachets

CON4200 FEP230 Conductivity meter only including meter, operating manual, “quick guide” and power adapter

CON4202 FEP230 Conductivity meter kit as FEP230 meter only plus LE703 conductivty sensor, electrode arm, 2 x 1,413µs and 2 x 12.88ms standard sachets








CON2512 Power adapter

CON2514 Electrode arm (complete)

CON2516 Rubber cap (2 pieces for electrode arm opening on instrument

CON2520 "Quick guide" for FiveEasyTM conductivity (laminated)

Five Series Electrodes




Electrode  Description

PHM4508 LE407

Robust plastic pH electrode with gel electrolyte, 
suitable for simple applications and easy samples; 

PHM4510 LE409

Glass pH electrode with liquid electrolyte for simple and 
rapid measurements in the laboratory, aqueous samples 
such as acids, bases etc.;refillable electrolyte

PHM4512 LE420

Glass electrode with ground-joint diaphragm for 
demanding, “dirty” samples such as TRIS, waste water, 
emulsions (e.g. milk), oily samples; refillable electrolyte

PHM4514 LE438

3-in-1 plastic electrode with integrated temperature 
sensor for field use, samples with fluctuating 
temperatures; low-maintenance

PHM4516 LE501

Glass ORP electrode for lab use

PHM4518 LE510

Robust plastic ORP electrodes for field use, e.g. 
swimming pools

PHM4520 LE703

Robust conductivity electrode for medium to high 
conductivities (10 µS/cm . 500 mS/cm)