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Eppendorf Eporator™



The Eporator


 from Eppendorf is a compact unit with true one button operation; just set the voltage or choose a preset parameter 

and insert a cuvette. The unit has two programme buttons which allows for the storage and recall of most commonly used 
parameters while safe eletronics* and an integrated electroporation chamber eliminate voltage leaks and noise

 Features include:


Easy one-button operationIntuitive use guided by color display


Fast and freely programmable function keys


Safe electronics and integrated electroporation chamber


Compact, space-saving design


USB port for data export

* U.S. Pat. 6,103,084.




Technical specifications:

Input voltage

100 V–240 V ±10%, 50 Hz–60 Hz

Power input


Time constant

5ms nominal

Output waveform

Decaying exponential waveform with RC time constant of 5 ms

Pulse voltage

200 V–2,500 V

Charging time

<10 s


USB 2.0

Dimensions (LxWxH)

27.5 x 19 x 12.5 cm 





E4309000035 Eporator


 includes 5 x electroporation cuvettes, 1mm gap and 5 x 

electroporation cuvettes, 2mm gap





E4307000623 Electroporation cuvettes, gap width 4mm, 800µL, sterile, 50 pack

E4308078006 Cuvette stand for 16 electroporation cuvettes

Flowgen Bioscience Electroporation Cuvettes



Flowgen Bioscience Electroporation Cuvettes are designed to maximise molecular electroporation and electrofusion efficiencies
for Bacteria, Yeast, Insect, Plant and Mammalian cells. Each batch of cuvettes has to undergo rigorous testing at several
stages during the manufacturing process for engineering tolerances, biocompatibility and sterility; prior to their quality
control testing for optimal and reproducible impedance measurements.


Universal cuvettes, compatible with most electroporation systems 


Fully optimised to ensure consistent uniform pulse generation and improved gene transfer 


High tolerance engineering ensures uniform electrode surface and maximises transformation efficiencies 


Cuvette caps engineered to improve aseptic handling techniques and reduce contamination 


Tapered ‘V’ bottom design on 1mm and 2mm cuvettes reduce sample volumes used, aids sample pick up and minimises  

         dead volumes 


Available in 1mm, 2mm and 4mm gap sizes with individual colour-coded caps 


Gamma-irradiated for guaranteed sterility 


Individually wrapped



FBR-101 Short 50, 1mm cuvettes

FBR-102 Short 50, 2mm cuvettes

FBR-201 Long 50, 1mm cuvettes

FBR-202 Long 50, 2mm cuvettes

FBR-204 Long 50, 4mm cuvettes