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Buchi B-390 and B-395 Pro Encapsulators



The Buchi B-390 and B-395 Pro Encapsulators are systems for the immobilisation of many different 
pharmaceuticals and food ingredients. Producing uniform capsules and beads over a pre-selectable range of 0.15 
mm to 2 mm, with a spherical shape and narrow size distribution (< 5% standard deviation is possible), these 
new systems can produce up to 6,000 beads per second.

The Encapsulator B-390 is an open system which incorporates all the basic features needed for high-quality 
bead production including an electrostatic dispersion unit and stroboscopic lamp for immediate process control. 
Parameters are set on a touch screen whilst delivery of the polymer mixture is achieved through air pressure via 
a nozzle that can be heated up to 70°C, this allows the use of polymers at melting temperatures above room 
temperature. An optional concentric nozzle system enables simultaneous shell and liquid core capsule production.

The Encapsulator B-395 Pro enables bioencapsulation under sterile working conditions. An autoclavable reaction 
vessel allows controlled sterile working conditions on the bench and sample pumping is facilitated by an 
integrated syringe pump that can be calibrated and provides throughputs from 0.01 to 50mL/min with a dead 
volume of approximately 0.5mL.



EVA4002 Buchi Encapsulator B-395 for Encapsulation Pro under open and sterile conditions with integrated syringe pump

EVA4000 Buchi Encapsulator B-390 for Encapsulation under open conditions with integrated nozzle heating





EVA4004 Set of 7 External SS Nozzles for Buchi B-390/395 Encapsulator, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7 and 0.9 mm. Includes 1000 ml pressure bottle

EVA4006 Reaction Vessel for Buchi Encapsulator B-395 Pro for sterile applications

EVA4008 Reaction Vessel with GMP Documentation for Buchi Encapsulator B-395 Pro for sterile applications

EVA4010 O-ring Set for concentric nozzle

EVA4012 O-ring Set for Reaction Vessel

EVA4014 O-ring Set for single nozzle

EVA4016 Set of 10 prefilters for B290/395 Encapsulator nozzle

EVA4018 Set of 10 prefilters for B290/395 Encapsulator Reaction Vessel

EVA4020 Pressure Bottle 1000 ml for Buchi B-390/395 Encapsulator

EVA4022 Pressure Bottle 500 ml for Buchi B-390/395 Encapsulator

EVA4024 Set of 8 SS Single Nozzles for Buchi B-390/395 Encapsulator