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Buchi B-811 Automated Extraction system



The automated B-811 Extraction systems from Buchi can be used for the full range of solid-liquid extraction techniques 
through four different, ready-to-use extraction modes including:


Soxhlet Standard - Offical method


Soxhlet Warm


Hot Extraction


Continuous Extraction


The standard version has a maximum capacity of 120 ml for the sample tube with frit and 150 ml for the  
solvent beaker whilst the LSV version has a maximum capacity of 220 ml for the sample tube with frit and  
230 ml for the solvent beaker.

Key benefits include:


Automated Soxhlet only avalible on Buchi systems


Fully automated and programmable to save staff time


Water saving control and also with an option to include a chiller unit


Flexible with indervidual heating and solvent level sensors on each position


Inert gas atmosphere possible for sensitive samples


All parts in contact with the media are inert (glass, PTFE, Fluorez


) ensuring that there is minimal risk of  




EVA4256 Buchi B-811 Extraction System

EVA4258 Buchi B-811 LSV Extraction System for large volumes





EVA4284 Set of 4 x 250ml solvent beakers for Buchi B-811 LSV

EVA4276 Set of four solvent beakers 150 ml for standard B-811

EVA4278 Set of four glass sample tubes with frit, 240 ml for B-811 LSV

EVA4260 Set of four thimble holders 25 x 100 mm

EVA4262 Set of four thimble holders, 43 x 123 mm

EVA4264 Set of four thimble holders 22 x 80 mm

EVA4266 Set of four thimble holders 33 x 94 mm

EVA4236 Quartz sand for extraction and hydrolysis 1 x 2.5 kg

EVA4234 Quartz sand for extraction and hydrolysis 1 x 25 kg

EVA4272 Extraction thimbles 25 x 100 mm, 25 pcs

EVA4274 Extraction thimbles 43 x 123 mm, 25 pcs

EVA4198 Distribution adapter for operating two extraction units with a single chiller

EVA4280 PTFE sample holder dia. 49 mm for B-811 LSV

EVA4282 Holder basket for 120 x 49mm dia. thimbles to be used with holder for glass sample tubes for LSV

EVA4288 Chiller connection kit, incl. angle piece, tubing, connectors