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Thermo Scientific Digital Section Flotation Bath



Thermo Scientific Digital Section Flotation Bath holds water at a constant temperature to 
flatten wax or resin sections prior to lifting onto a microscope slide.


Digital temperature controller with a bright, easy to read display


Temperature range – 30 to 65°C (±1°C) at 20°C ambient


Can be used for hot staining except where corrosive substances are used


Top rim of the unit has generous space for drying slides


Drop on stainless steel lid covers bowl when not in use


Matte black PTFE bowl and upper casing provide visual contrast against wax sections


Lower steel casing has a resistant epoxy coating 




(WxDxH) mm

Alt Ref

HIS3518 Digital Section Flotation Bath 275 x 435 x 170


Thermo Scientific Varistain™ 24-4 Automatic Slide Stainer



The Thermo Scientific™ Varistain™ 24-4 Automatic Slide Stainer is designed for single 
load, double load, and continuous throughput. A one-piece, bench top unit where user-
specified water stations can be used to match specific routines, stations hold 750ml troughs 
that may be filled to 355ml for 10-slide carriers and the 24-4 can be programmed from 
minutes down to seconds and features a compact design that conserves bench top space. 


Stains 64 slides per basket, potentially 1536 (64 x 24) slides/run


Stores and runs either three 24-step programs or six 12-step programs


Pass feature allows two programs that utilize the same reagents to run simultaneously


Turntable rotates for convenient access to stations at rear of unit


Compatible with most automatic cover slippers


Dimensions (D x W x H): 740 x 740 x 510mm (650mm Raised)


Turntable Diameter: 860mm 



Alt Ref

HIS3400 Varistain 24-4 Automatic Slide Stainer


HIS3402 Varistain 24-4K Automatic Slide Stainer


Thermo Scientific Linistat™ Linear Slide Stainer



The Thermo Scientific Linistat™ linear stainer offers a compact solution to H&E frozen 
section protocols. 
Features and benefits include:


Efficient footprint fits on top of most cryostats for streamlining workflow during frozen 


Includes 14 staining stations (20 seconds each), running water and a 13 slide capacity 
collection tank


Staining time is under five minutes


For situations that require hand staining, technician may dip through the stations, 
eliminating the need to set up separate staining dishes


Colour coded slide clips correspond to the coloured slides and coloured frozen section 
embedding media, Thermo Scientific Cryochrome™


Dimensions (DxWxH):  160 x 640 x 270mm


Clearance Height:  250mm


Includes – single station staining dishes, double station staining dishes, slide clips and 
rinse water tubing kit.



Alt Ref

HIS3636 Linistat™ Linear Slide Stainer


Thermo Scientific HMS70 Automatic Linear Slide Stainer


   The HMS 70 slide stainer provides automatic staining by a linear system featuring clear and closed design, easy handling and reliability. Application areas include but not limited to preparation of haematology histology slides from organic solvents, layer-by-layer thin film coatings from water based solutions. ey features and benefits include


16 reagent stations each with 600 ml capacity


1 rinsing station with controllable flow


1 drying station with temperature control up to +65°C


Slide carrier has a capacity of 70 slides in vertical position


3 different selectable speeds for the Agitation of the slide carrier


Microprocessor control of immersion time (0 sec. - 99 min. 59 sec.) for each station with 
option of programmable drop and agitation time of slide carrier


Permanent memory capacity for up to 20 different programs with up to 50 sequences


Simple to operate external control panel with 4-line LC display


Indication of date, time, remaining time in process step, step number and reagent 


Optical and acoustic alarm during failure and program end


Manual Rack removal during power failure 



Alt Ref

HIS3406 HMS 70 Automatic Linear Slide Stainer