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Buchi Block Digester K-446 and K-449 Systems



The Kjeldigester Systems K-446 and K-449 utilise fast aluminium block heating technology and can digest a maximum of 20 
samples at a time. The K-446 system offers simple operation whilst the K-449 offers the ability to fully automate the digestion 
process and incorporates automated lift.

Key features include:


Temperature and time controlled digestion with digestion temperatures up to 450°C


Fully sealed suction system for removal of fumes with an optional K-415 scrubber


Up to 20 samples can be processed simultaneously


Temperature and countdown indicator


Programmable K-449 can accommodate profiles with upto 4 steps


Glass digestion tubes ensure digestion process is easily visible 




EVA4610 KjelDigester K-446 20 place block digester with standard module and 20 x 300mL tubes

EVA4611 KjelDigester K-446 20 place block digester with Condensate module and 20 x 300mL tubes

EVA4612 Advanced KjelDigester K-449 20 place block digester with standard module and 20 x 300mL tubes

EVA4613 Advanced KjelDigester K-449 20 place block digester with condensate module and 20 x 300mL tubes





EVA4316 4 x Suction module glass blanking caps for Buchi Block Digesters

EVA4322 Connecting cable for Scrubber K-415

EVA4242 Set of 4 x 300mL sample tubes for Buchi Digesters

EVA4344 Rack for 20 x 300mL sample tubes for Buchi Block Digester

EVA4348 Stand for Buchi rack

EVA4352 Drip Tray for heating block protection

Scrubber System K-415 - Vapour Scrubbing System



The K-415 Scrubber neutralises acid fumes and reaction gases which arise during Kjeldahl analyses or other processes. An 
integrated and powerful pump can be adjusted to meet specific requirements , the self-contained design eliminates condensation 
and maximises safety.

Key features:


High suction performance at 33L/min


3L of scrubbing solution ensures large gas/liquid contact area to maximise efficiency


Neutralisation possible with alkalis and acids ensures flexibility over a number of applications 




EVA4601 K-415 Duo Scrub, neutralisation & adsorption

EVA4602 K-415 Triple Scrub, condensation, neutralisation & adsorption

EVA4604 K-415 Triple Scrub Eco, condensation, neutralisation & adsorption

EVA4606 K-415 Quad Scrub Eco, condensation, neutralisation, adsorption & reaction