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SLS SELECT Cryo Labels



A range of self adhesive labels designed specifically for low temperature use down to -196°C (apply at +5°C or more). 
They contain a unique adhesive formulation that guarantees extra staying power when applying to polycarbonate, 
polypropylene, glass and most metals. Available in dots or strips in either an easy to use dispensing box or sheets to use 
with laser printers. The wide range of sizes allows you to label your whole experiment permanently from microcentrifuge 
tubes to cryovials and microtitre plates to storage boxes. In addition these labels are sleeker which means no overlapping 
is necessary and they fit easily into most storage systems (including cryocanes).


Micryo Labels




LAB2200 Micryo white strips, 33 x 13mm. Reel of 1000

LAB2210 Micryo white dots, 9.5mm diameter. Reel of 1000

LAB2212 Micryo white dots, 9.5mm diameter. Reel of 5000

Cryogenic Labels




LAB2230 Cryogenic white labels, 33 x 13mm. 20 sheets of 85 labels

LAB2232 Cryogenic white labels, 24 x 13mm. 20 sheets of 119 labels

LAB2234 Cryogenic white labels, 67 x 25mm. 20 sheets of 30 labels

Hi-Low Laser Labels


durable enough to withstand long exposures to cold down to -85°C. These labels are ideal for use with tubes and plates 
and can be applied to polypropylene and polycarbonate surfaces. Made from a white polyethylene film with a print-
receptive top coating and have a special permanent rubber based adhesive. They are pressure sensitive therefore do not 
curl or shrink when exposed to higher temperatures up to 100°C. In addition Hi Low labels are smear, chemical and UV 
resistant. Sheet versions are suitable for most inkjet and laser printers. 



LAB2240 Hi-Low Laser Labels, 33 x 13mm. 22 sheets of 90 labels

LAB2242 Hi-Low Laser Labels, 25 x 13mm. 16 sheets of 126 labels


Cryo Labels



All the properties of Cryo-Babies and Cryo-Tags but can be used with standard laser and inkjet printers.  Print with laser or inkjet 
printer, peel it from the release paper, and press it onto your tubes or other containers (being sure to remove any air pockets). 
Ultra-flexible, polyolefin labels with acrylic adhesive having a strong adhesion to all plastics, glass and metal.  Will withstand 
cryogenic storage down to -196°C.  Will also withstand boiling water baths and dry heat to 150°C without cracking, peeling or 




CRY8510 Laser Cryo-Babies 32.5 x 12.5mm 20 sheets x 85 labels. For cryovials and 1.5/2.0ml tubes

CRY8512 Laser Cryo-Babies 24 x 12.5mm 20 sheets x 119 labels. For 0.5ml PCR & microcentrifuge tubes

CRY8514 Laser Cryo-Tags 38 x 19mm 20 sheets x 60 labels. Large general purpose