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Design Features


Simple to operate


Rechargeable battery


Digital display of volts applied to the vibrator or free air movement of the vibrating head 
in microns


Range expansion. The voltage applied to the vibrator is adjusted by a rotary knob. The 
range may be switched -Normal = 0 to 50 volts/0-250 microns Expanded = 0 to 25 
volts/0-62.5 microns


Ten memories which may be reviewed by switching from Store to Review. Advance 
Memory scrolls through all ten in turn


State of charge indication


Safety Manufactured under BS 5750 Part 2 QAS34/51 (equivalent to ISO 9002 and 
EN29002). Conforms to BS 5724 Pt1 and medical standard IEC 601-1

The neurothesiometer is used for the determination of vibration sensitivity threshold at any 
desired site on the body surface. Sensitivity decreases naturally with age but a number of 
medical conditions can be related to abnormal deterioration. The neurothesiometer thus 
has applications in -


Monitoring the progress of peripheral neuropathy which is associated with Diabetes


Observation of the reduction of vibration sensitivity in connection with other diseases


Routine recording of threshold sensitivity during chiropody leading to early diagnosis of 
disease or to susceptibility to conditions such as ulcers


The study of the effects of treatment on neuropathy and associated or causative 


Pharmacological and medical research projects involving relatively low costs

Weight - complete instrument 3.25kg
            - vibrator 450g
Dimensions - in closed carrying case 220 x 370 x 100mm
                   - length of vibrator cord 1metre
Battery pack - life at 50V continuous output 1.25 hours
                    - life at 20V continuous output 1.75 hours



NEU1501 Neurothesiometer, with batteries but without battery charger





NEU1520 Spare battery pack

NEU1522 Battery charger, UK

NEU1523 Battery charger, USA

NEU1524 Battery charger, Continental

NEU1525 Battery charger, South Africa

NEU1526 Battery charger, Australia






Semen Counting Chamber



Designed for sperm counting and motility studies in IVF and GIFT units, fertility clinics, 
sterilisation units, pathology laboratories and selected veterinary applications.  The chamber 
consists of a glass slide with a central area 8mm diam polished down to 0.01mm below the 
main slide surface. This polished area is metalised and a symmetrical grid of 100 x 0.1mm 
squares engraved on it.  Each chamber is supplied with two cover slips in a protective plastic 



COU9000 Fertility semen counting chamber

COU9100 Helber bacteria counting chamber

HAE2130 Cover glass for counting chambers, (22mm x 25mm), Pk10

McMaster Counting Chamber



Worm egg counting slide for use in the estimation of Helminthic infections in faecal 


Slide 76 x 32mm 


Platforms 4mm wide


Plain glass top 52mm x 17.5mm cemented on 2mm up from lower edge of slide.   Cell 
depth 1.5mm must be accurate.

Under side of top cover to be ruled with 1 x 10mm squares with 10 equal-distant vertical 
lines forming 10mm square with 10 equal vertical columns.  The 10mm square to be 
centre of each cell. Cells to be open at top and bottom.



HAE2030 Counting slide