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Mikura Autura 1000 Microplate Washer



Autura 1000 is a fully automated washing and filling system for both 96 and 384 well microplates, including deep well 
formats. It is designed to achieve a fast and reliable microplate processing with high precision and repeatability, whilst allowing 
the user a multitude of individual adjustment possibilities.



Accurate dispensing precision and low residual volumes


Optional aerosol protection cover


Open construction for easy integration with robotic systems


Plate sweep for the low residual volumes


Up to 25 user programmable wash protocols


Liquid level sensing in all reservoirs with audible and visual 

warning system 






Technical Specifications

Operating voltage/Hz

100-240V AC 50/60Hz

Dispense reservoir

up to 2 x 2 L

Waste reservoir

2 L

Residual volume

3µL per well typical action or 1µL per well with 


CV = +/- 3%



MIC5146 8 channel washer (96 well plates)

MIC5148 12 channel washer (96 well plates)

MIC5150 16 channel washer (96 well plates)

MIC5152 24 channel washer (96 well plates)

MIC5154 16 channel washer (384 well plates)

MIC5156 24 channel washer (384 well plates)

ASYS Microplate Washers Atlantis



The Atlantis microplate washer  offer a competitive price and is equipped with features usually available as optional extras. A manifold position 
sensor allows for precise height adjustment minimising residual volumes and operation is simple with a two line alpha numeric display, 5 soft keys 
for easy programming and the ability to store upto 50 wash programmes and 20 plate types. The plate carrier is detachable for ease of cleaning 
and quick change manifolds simplify switching between different plate types. Digitally controlled aspiration and dispensing pumps provide high 
accuracy and low noise levels.
Key features and benefits include:


Top loading ensure ease of handling that the plate remains visible during washing and simplifies robotics integration..


Aspiration pump is quiet and avoids the needs to use pressure tested waste bottle.


20 different wash cycles, including bottom and overflow washing, crosswise aspiration, plate shaking, and upto 50 wash programs for 

upto 20 plate types.


Easy to clean - Plate carrier uses magnets for attachment ensuring ease of removal,  manifold and tubing can be replaced without any 



Aerosol cover prevents the release of airborne infectious particles whilst plate detection sensor identifies incorrectly inserted strips and 



Optional liquid level sensors avoid empty wash bottles or overflow in waste bottles 


Automated rinsing avoids clogging of the manifold when the washer is not in use


2 wash liquid channels (1 x wash buffer, 1 x rinse liquid) as standard, up to 4 liquids optional


Liquid flow rate & vacuum strength is programmable


Dispensing volume 50 to 2000µl, accuracy ±5% at 300µl


Easy to clean and maintain


Accommodates all variants of 96 and 384 well 


Optional automatic rinse through wash head at set 


Internal RS232 port for robotic integration


USB port


Remote control software available

Technical Specifications

Residual volume per well


Aspiration time

 0.00 to 10 seconds

Soak time

up to 100 seconds


1 x 8, optional 1 x 12 1 x 16 for 384-well plates


90 to 260V, 47 to 63Hz

Dimensions (WxDxH)

210 x 460 x 210mm



MIC8300 ATLANTIS Microplate Washer with 8-channel manifold

MIC8305 ATLANTIS 4 Microplate Washer with 8-channel manifold