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UVM 340 Plate Reader



The Asys UVM 340 plate reader incorporates a Fastie-Ebert monochromator with a holographic grating for easy wavelength 
selection without the need for filters and is a single channel instrument which ensures that it can accommodate multiple plate 
formats. A 96 well plate can be measured in just 25 seconds and the instruments self checks and calibrates itself regularly 
and automatically. 

Key features and benefits include:


Monochromator and holographic grating avoids filters and covers 340-800nm


Full wavelength scan of a single well in less than 5 seconds, 25 seconds to scan a 96 well plate


Can measure any plate format from 12 to 384 wells


Low profile, self-centring plate carrier and front loading ease of integration into automated systems


PC required (not supplied)


Optional QC plate for checking absorbance accuracy, precision and linearity


Measurement range: 10.000 - 3.700 OD


Dimensions: 270 x 430 x 240mm (WxDxH)


RS232 bidirectional and USB 



Wavelength range

Plate Formats

MIC6128 Asys UVM 340 Plate Reader

340 to 800nm

12, 24, 48 and 96 well plates





MIC6123 QC Plate & WINQC Software

Biochrom EZ Read 400 Microplate Reader



The Biochrom EZ Read 400 microplate reader is a PC-controlled, single channel, filter-based microplate reader designed for ELISA, 
protein, and cell biology-based absorbance assays. 

Key features and benefits inlcude:


PC-controlled (not supplied) instrument supplied with ADAP Basic PC software for data analysis in Microsoft® Excel 


USB connections 


Can perform single or dual wavelength measurements 


Readings can be programmed for timed intervals in kinetic assays.


Optional QC plate is available for instrument validation.


ELISA Reader includes filters for ELISA assays PNPP, ABTS, OPD, Slow TMB, Turbo TMB, Ultra TMB and a 620nm wavelength 
reference filter.


Research Reader includes filters for ELISA assays, protein assays (Bradford, BCA and Lowry), cell biology assays (MTT, XTT and 
Turbidity Cell Counting) and a 620nm wavelength reference filter.


Flexi Reader supplied with 405, 450, 492, 620 nm filters and the option of upto 4 additional filters of your choice from 400 to 750 nm in one nm increments 



MIC8400 Biochrom EZ Read 400 ELISA

MIC8402 Biochrom EZ Read 400 Research

MIC8404 BioEZ Read 400 Flexi 1 additional filter

MIC8406 BioEZ Read 400 Flexi 2 additional filters

MIC8408 BioEZ Read 400 Flexi 3 additional filters

MIC8410 BioEZ Read 400 Flexi 4 additional filters