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Olympus Microscopes CX31 Series



Advanced optical performance with excellent cost-efficiency - Incorporating new UIS2 infinity optics, the Olympus CX31 microscope inherits 
the outstanding worldwide reputation gained by its CX2 predecessor in different medical and educational fields. As well as advanced optical 
performance, the CX31 offers improved ease of use and excellent cost-efficiency.
Outstanding flat images from PLCN objectives - The PLCN series of UIS2 objectives improves flatness dramatically, producing sharp, clear 
images right up to the edge of the field of view. Ideal for the 10X and 40X objectives so frequently used for inspection work, the flatness ranks 
among the very best in this class of microscopes.
Bright, even observation images - The illumination system employs a high intensity 6V, 30W halogen lamp for bright images. The aperture 
iris diaphragm with built-in condenser and standard field stop combine to provide bright and even illumination at all levels of magnification.
Rigid, durable construction for high performance and long service life - Construction quality is excellent throughout, with objectives, eyepiece, 
observation tube, revolving nosepiece, highly reliable rackless stage and other components all fixed firmly to the body — so there's nothing 
to come loose or fall off when the microscope is being transported. 
Anti-fungus treatment - The treatment applied to the observation tubes, eyepieces and objectives, protects quality of optical parts even in high humidity regions.
 Microscope frame with lead free optics, quadruple revolving nosepiece, fixed mechanical stage with right hand low drive control incl. Holder for 2 specimen, built-in CX-CD Abbe condenser, 
NA 1.25, aperture stop,  built-in halogen illumination 6V30W, field stop diaphragm, stage focus lock mechanism (screw type), torque adjustment for coarse focus knob, blue filter 32.5C-2, 
8 cc  immersion oil n=1.516, Allen key AC7359, incl. Binocular tube, 30° inclination, with inter pupillary distance adjustment 48-75mm and diopter adjustment on left sleeve, 2 Widefield 
eyepieces (FN20),  Plan Achromat C 4x, WD=18.5, Plan Achromat C 10x, WD=10.5, Plan Achromat C 40x, WD=0.6, CC=0.17 (spring loaded), 2 x 6V30W Halogen Bulb, Power Cord, 
CH3-CH Cord hanger to wind up cable on back of microscope, dust cover for CX41 and CX31.



MIC1880 CX31 Microscope (CX31RBSF-5) – Brightfield

MIC1882 100X Oil Objective for MIC1880 

Olympus CX41 Series



Advanced optical and system performance with excellent cost-efficiency.  The evolution of this best selling microscope delivers new, cost-
efficient improvements in both optics and system performance. Newly equipped with Olympus' leading-edge UIS2 optical system, it provides 
significantly enhanced image clarity in a variety of observation methods, from brightfield to reflected light fluorescence. For all inspection 
and training applications in the fields of biology and medicine, the CX41 sets the pace for its class in both basic and system performance.
Outstanding flat images from PLCN objectives.  The CX41 provides images of outstanding brightness and clarity in a variety of observation 
modes. As well as Olympus' renowned UIS2 optics infinity system, it employs the PLCN series of Plan Achromat objectives, which are made 
from carefully selected top quality glass and manufactured with the most rigorous precision. The result is a major improvement in image 
flatness, with the 10X and 40X objectives in particular providing images that are among the very best in this class of microscope. Transmitted 
light illumination is from a 6V, 30W high-intensity halogen light source. Excellent cost-performance in reflected light fluorescence and other 
observation methods.
Slide condenser/CX-SLC - Brightfield condenser/CH3-CD.  These Abbe type condensers allow brightfield observations from 4x to 100x. 
Accurate centering is provided by the attachment lens (CX-AL) and the iris diaphragm, to exclude unnecessary light and obtain bright Koehler 
illumination right across the magnification range. These highly economical condensers enable phase-contrast and darkfield observations by simply adding basic accessories.
Simple phase contrast attachment/CX-PH1, 2, 3 - For phase-contrast observations at 10x, 40x and 100x.
Darkfield central stop/CH2-DS - For darkfield observations from 4x to 40x (Separate filter holder (CH2-FH) or attachment lens (CX-AL) required).
Low magnification adapter/CX-LA - Use of the 2x low magnification objective allows macro observation.
Reflected light fluorescence attachment/CX-RFA-2.  Users can choose between blue or green excitation and transmitted light observations. UIS2 optics provides bright fluorescence images, 
with no intermediate magnifications when changing from transmitted light to fluorescence observation. Standard PLCN objectives can be used without replacement.
Simple polarizing condenser/CH3-CDP.  With the optional plate adapter U-TAD, polarizing observations from 4x to 100x using a tint plate can be performed. A U-GAN analyzer is provided 
for gout inspection. Polarizing objectives from 4x to 100x are available (separate polarizer U-POT and analyzer U-ANT required).
Dry darkfield condenser/CX-DCD - this dry-type darkfield condenser gives a superior darkfield effect without the need for immersion in oil; suitable for use at 10x and 40x magnifications.
Phase-contrast condenser/CX-PCD.  The multi-purpose CX-PCD condenser allows observation of brightfield, phase-contrast and darkfield images without exchanging condensers. Phase-
contrast observation from 10x to 100x and darkfield observation from 10x to 40x is allowed.
Trinocular Head – available for attaching cameras and imaging systems.
Anti-fungus treatment.  The treatment applied to the observation tubes, eyepieces and objectives, protects quality of optical parts even in high humidity regions. 

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