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Motic BA410 Series



Designed for use in University, clinical and Research applications, the BA410 offers professional quality with a extensive range of 
accessories including Moticam digital cameras.


Eyepiece Tubes - Viewing angle of 30°, 22 mm Field of View with interpupillary distance adjustable between 48-75mm.


Eyepieces - Infinity Corrected CCIS


 Optics with a field flatness up to 22mm and the high eye point ensure true colour    


and sharp images and minimize eye fatigue and strain.


Objectives - New class of EC-H optics for Bright Field and Phase Contrast incorporate multi-layer coated glass for  


              enhanced contrast and spherical aberration correction to significantly improve field flatness and improve resolution. 


Stage - hard anodized scratch and chemical resistant with a ball-bearing driven mechanical travel range of 80 x 53mm    

             and either left or right-handed coaxial mechanical stage control.


Illumination - The 6V/30W Halogen Koehler system is completely interchangeable with an LED version with 2 Colour            

              temperature options. A 12V/50W Halogen Koehler system is also available.


Phase Contrast & Darkfield –Options include a slider solution or a turret condenser for more advanced Phase contrast    



Polarization - Polarization can be achieved using 2 slots in the upper part of the stand which can accommodate a            

              rotatable analyser, retardation plate (First Order Red Compensator) and a polarizer placed on top of the collector


Fluorescence – Easily upgradeable to an EPI-Fluorescence microscope by using the fluorescence attachment which can    

             carry up to 4 filter cubes. A complete range of filter cubes is available, covering all routine applications from UV up to NIR 






MIC5458 BA410 Binocular

MIC5459 BA410 Trinocular 

MIC5460 BA410 Binocular 50W

MIC5461 BA410 Trinocular 50W




MIC5462 CCIS Plan achromatic objective EC-H PL 2X/0.05 (WD=7.2mm)

MIC5463 CCIS Plan achromatic objective EC-H PL 20X/0.45 (WD=0.9mm)

MIC2940 Phase contrast 5 position (BF, DF, PH1, PH2, PH3) turret condenser

MIC2942 CCIS Plan achromatic Phase objective EC-H PL Ph 10X/0.25 


MIC2944 CCIS Plan achromatic Phase objective EC-H PL Ph 20X/0.45 


MIC2946 CCIS Plan achromatic Phase objective EC-H PL Ph 40X/0.65/S 


MIC2948 CCIS Plan achromatic Phase objective EC-H PL Ph 100X/1.25/S-Oil 


MIC5470 HD digital camera with Still resolution 5.0MP onto SD card and 

attachable 10" TFT monitor with HDMI input