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Olympus Microscopes CKX41 Series


The CKX41 is an inverted microscope with tilting and trinocular head options and fluorescence upgrade capability for more advanced 
techniques including GFP and other fluorescence applications. High performance optics produces images that are outstanding in contrast 
and resolution.

Raising the standard - The new UIS2 PlanCN Series of objectives replaces the UIS Achromat objectives as the standard for this 
microscope. Benefit from the plan correction over the complete field of view for efficient observation and documentation.

Ergonomic - The optional tilting binocular tube reduces neck strain, and low positioning of the stage handle and focus knob, and frontal 
light control make long term use comfortable.

Easy contrast - Speed up your microscopic work with the precentered phase contrast. You can visualise your specimen under different 
magnifications without time-consuming adjustments. Increase visibility and contrast in living and unstained material particularly if 
plastic cell culture devices are used. The relief contrast technique creates apparent three-dimensional images.

Easy 3D - Increase visibility and contrast with relief contrast in living and unstained material particularly when plastic cell culture vessels are used. The relief contrast technique creates 
apparent three-dimensional images for easy cell viability checks.

Cost effective fluorescence - Fluorescence labelling methods find more and more their way in routine observations. Olympus offers for this promising method a cost-effective 50 Watt 
Mercury illumination system suitable for fluorescence and GFP observations.

Documentation and analysis - Olympus digital cameras can be adapted via the optional available trinocular tubes. Choose the camera model which fits best your needs. Add one of our 
software packages ranging from easy archiving up to thorough analysis and reporting of your data.

Please contact your local Sales Manager to arrange your CKX41 quotation to ensure that your exact needs are met.