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Motic Microscope AE31



The design of the AE30/31 inverted microscopes optimally integrates all functions enabling effective ergonomics and maximum expandability.  
The wide base provides strength and rigidity. In addition, the inverted "Y" support in the back of the microscope provides extra lateral stability. 
The AE30/31 has been designed to meet the needs of demanding users. The size of the microscope is compact to minimize the footprint and 
conserve limited desk space available in modern laboratories. The ergonomic design has made AE30/31 compatible with the manner in which 
you work. The coaxial coarse/fine focusing knobs, controls for the attachable mechanical stage and light intensity, are placed conveniently at 
your fingertips to minimize user fatigue. The ideally positioned focus knobs and stage controls make their manipulation stress free.

The Koehler illumination system with a 6V-30W Quartz halogen lamp provides bright, even illumination at any magnification. The "only 
one in its class" centerable lamp is housed externally and has an externally operated mechanism for control of all facets of illumination. A 
segmented illumination intensity indicator is ideally located for easy viewing.

In order to maintain parfocality, the AE30/31 Siedentopf eyepiece tubes will not change their length when inter pupillary distance adjustments 
are made. An inclination angle of 45º is chosen for comfort and posture management.  The AE30 offers a Binocular tube and the AE31 a 

Trinocular tube.

Phase contrast is the most popular optical contrast method for viewing the detailed structure of unstained or living specimens. The Motic Phase 
Plan Achromat objectives, coupled with the easy to operate phase slider, provide outstanding contrast for the most demanding application.

Please contact your local Sales Manager to arrange your AE30/31 quotation to ensure that your exact needs are met.

SLS Lab Basics Inverso-TC100 Inverted Microscope



The Inverso- TC100 is an inverted microscope for both routine and research level work and supplied with a Trinocular head and a 
beam splitting prism for optimizing the halogen illumination. The long working distance planachromatic objectives and selection 
of eyepieces give a magnification range from 40x to 800x. The stage features a removable microplate holder with XY movement 
and the swing out condenser allows tissue culture flasks up to 70mm thick to be viewed with ease. Also available with an Epi 
fluorescence module.


Trinocular head inclined at 45° with diopteric compensation on one eye piece tube


Vertical photo video port with beam splitting prism on sliding mount (80-20%)


Eyepiece: 10/20mm wide field


Planachromatic objective PL 4x/0.1/∞/1.2 LWD, PL 40x/0.65/∞/1.2 LWD


Phase contrast Planachromatic objective included PH+ 10x/20x/40x LWD, 10x/20x/40x annular phase plates


Fluorescence Planachromatic objectives are 


Condenser NA 0.3 (removable), working distance 72mm


Stage: 160x250mm with additional mechanical stage, interchangeable glass and metal stage plates


30W/6V halogen bulb


 Epi fluorescence module adds blue excitation (460-490nm) and green excitation (480-550nm) 



MIC0109 Inverso TC100 Inverted microscope with mechanical stage.

MIC0110 Inverso TC100 Inverted microscope with Epi Fluorescence..