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Leica Microscope S Series



Leica Stereo Zoom


 – Choose the best optical performance for current and future tasks from among six models and 

an extensive range of accessories. Application areas served by the Stereo Zoom® line range from quality inspection 
during manufacturing and assembly, OEM integration and training, to advanced analysis and documentation for 
R&D. The Stereo Zoom


 models Leica S4 E, S6 E, S6, S6 D, and S8 APO, including the stand and cold light source, are 

encased in a patented antistatic housing.  Key benefits include:


38° ergonomic viewing angle


Magnification 6.3× to 40×, working distance 110 mm, object field diameter 36.5 mm


Adjustable zoom limits


Achromatic standard objectives


Ergo Objectives for variable viewing height, magnification, working distance


Eyepieces for eyeglass wearers



Leica S6E/S6D Stereomicroscope System 1


Leica S6E (binocular)/S6D (trinocular for imaging) stereo zoom range 0.63-4.0x


1 x eyepiece 10x/23B fixed and 1 x eyepiece 10x/23B with adjustable diopter.  Both are suitable for eyeglasses wearers       

         and non-eyeglass wearers and have built in reticule holders


Focus column for all Stereo Zoom microscopes with tension adjustable focus drive


Incident light base, small for S-series and M-series with black/white stage plate 120mm


KL200 LED fibre optic light source and KL200 LED adapter


Universal light guide with built in focussing lens


Antistatic dust cover S-Series.

Leica S6E/S6D Stereomicroscope System 2
As above but with:


Sub base for transparent specimens with rotatable and moving clear and frosted reflector.

Leica S6E/S6D Stereomicroscope System 3
As above but with:


Mountable focus arm for S and Z-Series, tension adjustable focus drive, stand diameter 15,8 mm (5/8") joint assembly 

for all swing arm stands, horizontal arm with clamping block, black anodised aluminium, ergonomically shaped knobs, ESD, 
grease-free run, flatted arm, interface 15.8 mm (5/8") for focussing drives/arms (drives/arms are not included), Vertical column 
470/35 mm, Base plate, small, antistatic dust cover, LED Ring Light: includes 66mm/58mm reducing ring adapter for 58mm 
objectives and S-Series, LED power supply with control unit).



MIC5420 S6E System 1

MIC5422 S6E System 2

MIC5424 S6E System 3

MIC5430 S6D System 1

MIC5432 S6D System 2

MIC5434 S6D System 3

MIC5436 Video Objective 0.63x, video objective 0.63x with c-mount for Video-/phototubes M-series (2/3 inch cameras)

MIC5438 Video objective 0.8x, Video objective 0.8x with c-mount for video-/phototubes M-series (2/3 inch cameras)

MIC5440 Video objective 0.32x with C-mount for video-/phototubes

MIC5442 Video objective 0.5x with C-mount for video-/phototubes

A full range of additional objectives, eye pieces, stands, suspension arms and additional types of illumination are available – please enquire for details