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Eppendorf MixMate




The MixMate is a compact and versatile mixer specially designed for mixing small volumes (5 µL–2 mL) in a variety of tube and 
plate formats. 2DMix-Control provides fast and homogeneous mixing and there is an integrated touch vortex function. 

Applications include:


Resuspension of pellets (e.g., bacteria, DNA, cell culture pellets)


Mixing PCR setups, viscous liquids, suspensions (incl. beads) and restriction digestions


Immunoassays (e.g., ELISA)


Colorimetric assays (e.g., Bradford, Lowry, BCA)


Reporter gene assays (e.g. ß-galactosidase, luciferase)


Vortexing numerous tube formats (e.g., 15 and 50 mL conical tubes)

Technical Specifcations

Mixing frequency

300 to 3,000rpm (in 50 rpm increments)

Mixing and vortexing radius

1.5mm (3mm mixing stroke)

Touch vortexing frequency


Adjustable mixing time

15 s to 99.5 h; continuous

Dimensions (W x D x H) cm

17 x 23 x 13





E5353000030 MixMate


 including 3 tube holders: PCR 96, 0.5ml, 1.5/2.0ml

Eppendorf SmartBlocks™


Eppendorf offers a wide variety of exchangeable SmartBlocks for all common vessel formats from 5 µL to 50 mL to use with Eppendorf ThermoMixer C and ThermoStat C. Eppendorf 

SmartBlocks are equipped with the Eppendorf QuickRelease system that makes the block exchange quick and easy with just 
a single lever on the front of the block. 


Fast and simple block exchange due to Eppendorf QuickRelease™ technology


Optimised block design guarantees maximum temperature transfer to the sample


Individually sensor-controlled Eppendorf SmartBlocks™ allow for block-specific calibration to provide  


                     maximum temperature accuracy and homogeneity


Insulated thermoblocks ensure safe and ergonomic use



E5360000038 Eppendorf SmartBlock™  for  24 x 1.5 mL

E5364000024 Eppendorf SmartBlock™ for 24 reaction vessels, diameter 11 mm – 11.9 mm, height 30 mm – 76 mm

E5366000021 Eppendorf SmartBlock™ for 8 x 15mL conical tubes

E5362000035 Eppendorf SmartBlock™ for 24 x 2.0mL

E5309000007 Eppendorf SmartBlock™ for 8 x 5.0mL ep tubes

E5360000038 Eppendorf SmartBlock™ for 4 x 50mL conical tubes

E5307000000 Eppendorf SmartBlock™ for 384 well PCR plates, incl. lid

E5306000006 Eppendorf SmartBlock™ for PCR 96 wellplates, incl. lid

E5367000025 Eppendorf SmartBlock™ for 24 cryo tubes, 1.5– 2mL, max. external diameter 12.5 mm, all base designs

E5363000039 Eppendorf SmartBlock™  for microplates and deepwell plates, incl. lid

E5309000007 Eppendorf SmartBlock™ for 8 x 5.0 mL tubes

E5361000031 Eppendorf SmartBlock for 24 x 0.5ml tubes